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‘It’s been hell’: How fraudsters use handsome soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays. December 15, 2018 I’m a journalist at Global News in Toronto, Canada. I wanted to share an article we published about scammers who take … Continue reading

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MoneyGram Refund: November 2018

REFUND PROGRAM WILL RETURN $125 MILLION TO PEOPLE WHO USED MONEYGRAM TO PAY SCAMMERS (Any questions please refer to the MG information provided in the article. RomanceScams is not affiliated with MG. RS only shares information for RS victims … Continue reading

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Military Romance Scams

HOLIDAYS and SCAMMERS: Post: Oct. 08, 2018 RS Members, Newcomers, & Visitors, As we enter the end trimester of the current year (as demonstrated in past years) we will encounter a rise in scammer contact and a rise of romance … Continue reading


Help & Support When You Need It

The Romance Scams blog is here to help and support those who have found themselves or someone close involved in a romance/dating scam. It is but one of the tools we have created to help support you. Here are the … Continue reading


Western Australia Woman Scammed and Murdered ….

From the Australian News: A WEST Australian woman who went to South Africa to find love has been found dead in her rented villa in a suspected romance scam. The body of Jette Jacobs, 67, of Wagin, was found in … Continue reading


Disturbing News About Victims of Romance Scams

From Smashy Events comes the following article published June 16, 2011, ” Belgian police probe murders of ten internet daters who died after emptying bank accounts and flying to Africa to marry.”  The article begins “Ten men who emptied their … Continue reading


From the Wall Street Journal — Online, Is Dream Date A Scam? — May 4, 2011 Education and learning are the keys to safety on the internet. If you believe you are involved with a scammer and need help or assistance, visit us at: RomanceScams (members forum)

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