RomanceScams.Blog, (www.romancescams.blog@gmail.com) will be sharing information, reporting resources info, and suggestions for alleviating personal devastation after encountering a (West Africa) Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Financial Fraud a.k.a, online Romance Scam.

Look for our RomanceScams.Blog 2-heart Logo ID. 
(RomanceScams.Blog is NOT affiliated with RomanceScams.org|romancescam.com or other similar named organization websites.)

RomanceScams.Blog Policies:
Respect the sensitivity of 419 Romance Scam Victims.
No use of vulgar language\expressions. Do not post links leading to adult porn websites. Do not post links to Pharmaceutical Product Advertisements or Sales\Job opportunities on this site. RomanceScams.Blog, will Ban & Block all site violators. 

RomanceScams.Blog staff know from experience that some families will not understand the emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and financial devastation a romance scam victim encounters. Some families can be critical, judgmental, quick to criticize the victim; adding humiliation on top of the frustration romance scam victim experience; after the scam. Please forgive them, they do not know the devastating dynamics of an online romance scam.

Please always remember, YOU are a VICTIM of an online Cyber-Crime, an International cyber-crime, committed by scammers abroad from a West African country or a foreign country where these cyber-criminals travel using a Student Visa to escape their native country.

Also, the nice looking man or woman in the picture is a “PHOTO-VICTIM.” The impersonator or “419 scammer” using the stolen photos of innocent people – are the cyber-criminals, causing the Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Financial Fraud (419 AFFF) | Internet Crime: Theft by Deception\Fraud Under False Pretense | 419 Fraud: Electronic Fund Transfers – False Claims of Financial Distress.

You are welcome to post your feelings, thoughts, purge your pain, emotional devastation, or what ever will help you heal and move forward; after a romance scam devastation.

Victims need a safe space to let go of the pain, shame, humiliation brought on by this cyber-crime. Victims deserve a place they can shed their devastation, get positive support, Information and education; Learn how to be safe while online.

Your welcome to post to our blog.

This site is monitored by the staff of RomanceScams.Blog.

Please Note:
RomanceScams.org New Name is RomanceScams.Blog. The RomanceScams.org name (founded June 5, 2005 – 2017) organization name used in past was sold to another entity; not affiliated with RomanceScams.Blog at WordPress.com.

Our new contact links are as follows:                                Look for our 2-heart Logo ID on our; http://www.flame.skimmer@yahooo.com ; WordPress.com RomanceScams.Blog

This group is not affiliated with; RomanceScams.org@romancescams.org | RomanceScam.com@romancescam.com | nor other organizations, groups, websites with similar names; NOT listed in our contact information & signature lines. 


Public News Articles:

“Criminals even seem to prefer Cryptojacking to Ransomware.”
Please ‘READ’ the article, learn how to be safe while browsing the net.

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