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This forum is for victims of (West Africa) Nigeria 419 AFFF romance scams; to be “informed” what happened; get “educated” how to write a narrative to report these 419 AFFF financial fraud; “learn” to spot a scammer immediately; and “understand” the dangers of continued contact with 419 online scammers.                                                       We also learn, how to use “free” online  tools ; reverse image search ; how to over-ride blocked image URL ; reverse phone number search ; how to find email IP information ; how to check for photo shopped images ; reverse search stolen love lines ; how to spot scammer-scripts ;  and other scammer tricks.

We also learn to lose the fear within; we gather strength, knowledge, wisdom and empowerment.  There are hundred-thousands of 419 AFFF romance scam victims around the world; You are not alone!.

As West African 419 scammers migrate to different foreign countries (using student grants and student Visa programs), they carry the knowledge of internet technology and skills to continue their cyber-crimes, recruiting citizens in those foreign countries to become their money mules, “accomplices”  and also using their personal ID in order to apply for housing, auto rental, utility services; and other illegally gained usage for the purpose of committing online International (cross border) cyber-crimes.

Please share your 419 AFFF romance scam story; even if you did not lose money, you survived a romance scam, under false pretense.  You are the victim of an “illusion”, a fairy-tale love story (scam) that did not become a realization for you.  This is a forum to help in the process of personal healing, regarding what happened to you or someone you know.

Some 419 romance scam victims have had to seek professional mental health services  (psychologist) to heal from the manipulation, control, electronic brainwashing tactics used to take complete control of the targeted victim’s love, life, money; and in some cases unknown to the targeted victims, lead the romance scam victim to commit 419 financial fraud; money laundering and other federal violations that have sent some romance scam victims to serve a prison term.  This is not meant to scare victims, but to inform what has happened to some romance scam victims in the past. We have info to share with victims so they can get help, before they find themselves in a Court of Law.

It is ok (you are here seeking help, guidance, answers)… the world will wait for us to heal and when we’re strong again, the world will embrace us with open arms. The active process of sharing is very personal, spiritual, and healing.., you will find by writing your experience well help release the devastation, begin the personal healing process of releasing the pain, humiliation, embarrassment, anger and rage within all those emotions experienced from the deceit of the scam, scammer and accomplices; and may even save another 419 AFFF Nigeria romance scam victim from feeling this pain and learn to, LET IT GO! 

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RomanceScams.Blog is a forum for 419 romance scam victims who suspect or encountered an online 419 romance scam (419 AFFF). Information * Reporting Resources * Education * Support * Healing * RomanceScams.Blog Associates | Forums | Contact https://romancescams.wordpress.com/about/ (RS Blog) RS email: www.romancescams.blog@gmail.com (Eng/Español)
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