Our Apologies

Due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, our volunteers have been dealt challenges and restrictions; most using their home PCs for work (and family members use of PC for home schooling, etc.) and limiting their presence on romancescams.blog to attend to our visitors and updating the site information.

We hope to get back on track life willing, we all can move forward as new tools have come to place and we have to regroup in order to continue our work here on romancescams.blog

Again, we send our apologies to our visitors.

We wish you the best during the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas and New Year Day.

We pray 2022 will be a better, healthier year and the pandemic crisis will lessen, and you find yourselves in good spirits.

If you need help or have questions please send us an email at: http://www.romancescams.blog@gmail.com




About RomanceScams.Blog

RomanceScams.Blog is a forum for 419 romance scam victims who suspect or encountered an online 419 romance scam (419 AFFF). Information * Reporting Resources * Education * Support * Healing * RomanceScams.Blog Associates | Forums | Contact https://romancescams.wordpress.com/about/ (RS Blog) RS email: www.romancescams.blog@gmail.com (Eng/Español)
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