RomanceScams Blog, will be sharing information on healing from experiencing a scam.

RomanceScams Blog staff  know from experience that some families will not understand the emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and financial devastation a romance scam victim encounters. Some families can be critical, judgmental, quick to criticize the victim; adding humiliation on top of the frustration romance scam victim experience; after the scam. Please forgive them, they do not know the devastating dynamics of an online  romance scam.

Please always remember, YOU are a VICTIM of an online Cyber-Crime, an International cyber-crime, committed by scammers abroad in a West African country or a foreign country where these cyber-criminals travel using a Student Visa to escape their native country.

Also the nice looking man or woman in the picture is a “PHOTO-VICTIM.” The impersonator or “scammer” using the the stolen photos of innocent people – are the cyber-criminals, causing Nigerian 419 AFFF  (aka, Romance Scam)                                           Internet Crime; Theft by Deception\Fraud Under False Pretense and;
419 Fraud: Electronic Fund Transfers – False Claims of Financial Distress.

You are welcome to post your feelings, thoughts, purge your pain, emotional devastation, or what ever will help you heal and move forward; after a romance scam devastation.

We do ask please hold back from using vulgar words\expressions; respect the sensitivity of romance scam victims. We will ban, block any site violators.

Victims need a safe space to let go of the pain, shame, humiliation brought on by this cyber-crime. Victims deserve a place they can shed their devastation, get positive support, Information and education; Learn how to be safe while online.

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“Criminals even seem to prefer Cryptojacking to Ransomware.”
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1,161 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jean says:

    Funny thing is, I never have used online dating site. Wasn’t at all “looking for love”, so never thought of that scenario, when I received a DM on Twitter. So weird, I have since discovered the 2 weeks of grooming were from a script. Moneygram people are angels who told me to come back and pick up my cash. Another funny thing us the reaction you get, when you accuse scammer. He used the terms liar and cheat repeatedly, I did not. Now I know the excess protests were because that’s exactly what he is. Blocked me on Twitter, so I can’t warn any followers, unsuspecting females.

    • Elizabeth says:

      You can post a photo and name him and issue it on facebook telling people find reverse imaging and check him their ive got 1000.s of hells angel friends they posted my scamners all over put every name hes using i keep going after mine 6 of them ive reported him for 131 names same photo ive recently had 8 accountd closed in his name with those photos look out for martin grey army uniform on facebook fred brashear army uniform.. ariko terry navy .. david watson hes got 3 going just now.. a good looking army guy james robert wallace wattern ..adam robert wallace . robert wallace james .. reverse imaging have photos of people used to scam money it brings up how many times the conmen women have used them

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Talkong to a guy another sargeant. Widowed again with a daughter.ive had 5 army scammers this one is supposed to be in africa another sargeant. He goes quiet for a long time but it says hes online so hes obviously talking to women yet swears hes a faithful guy my last one kept getting arrested at airports needing money for various form everytime the amount was double i thought this time he was real are their no real men on here are they all creeps he said he cut women off because they were asking to see his army credentials i never asked any thing like that must be another scammer

    • RomanceScams says:

      Elizabeth, please read the information on military scams here: https://romancescams.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/military-romance-scams/. (safe link). Active members of the military do not have time to spend on dating sites and social media. Any opportunity the might have will be spent in contact with family and very close friends. They do not need money to deal with problems. To answer your question about any decent men on dating sites/social media, yes, there are some. But scammers are everywhere on the Internet, from dating sites to spaicial interest groups to LinkedIn, etc. this is why we need to learn how to recognize the signs of a scam. You might be surprised to learn that men are actually scammed as often as women are; they are more reluctant to tell their stories or report the crimes, especially when they learn that most of them have actually been in contact wit male scammers, not women.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I havent parted with money but last night a fake soldier asked me £1000 for his mother and 2 kids hes martin grey And has a soldiers profile on facebook now i said soldiers dont need to ask for money he said he had spent all his money and i wanted toake his kids and mother suffer i said you know my husband died 14 months ago im on benefits and struggling keep away from him hes a creep no good i looked last night he lrft a message im still deeply in love with you huh

      • RomanceScams says:

        Glad you are recognizing scams when you see them. Be sure to block all contact once you know scammers are on the other end, for your safety and the protection of your devices.

  3. Gabriella says:

    He is trying to scam me, but the funny think is, he sent me a love letter and I find the same on online. So I sent him back a other scam person letter to him. Now I’m playing with him. He doesn’t know I know he is a scammer. Lol. Very funny how stupid they’re. Here is the letter I Received from him:
    Good morning!

    I want you to Know that there is nothing better than waking up with you in mind, even after having spent the night thinking about you.
    When I think about you the best thoughts just come to my mind. I hope today you’ve woken up in a good mood, happy, and able to present yourself to the world with your bright eyes and with your most beautiful clothes to bring more beauty to this little planet of ours.
    You have the gift to bring hope in any situation, from the time you wake up and let me tell you good morning to the moment when you go to sleep and I wish you good night and sweet dreams.
    You have the talent to transform anything into something more beautiful than the moment when it was created, as you add warmth and joy to our world. Without you, life would be sadder and the days would be darker. I hope you have woken up feeling quite cheerful and able to transfer all your joy to all who cross your path (include me in that list too).
    My wish is that we are always happy!



  4. Betty says:

    I talked to my scammer for almost two years. He said he lived in Liverpool England. I finally told him I was dying and I would love to see the real person behind the Italian voice. After much persuasion he video chatted me and he was a Nigerian. Facebook profile said he lives in Ghana but he said he really lives in Nigeria and he uses Ghana so he won’t get caught. Told me he scams because his mom had a stroke and he needs the money for her. Of course that is a lie. I don’t chat with him anymore. As far as he knows I’m RIP now.

  5. Flux Capacitor says:

    Chris from Canada is a Romance Scammer. Watch out Ladies. He loves scamming U.S. women.

    • RomanceScams says:

      That is certainly a very broad warning! Just want you to be aware that scammers may say they are from Canada or the U.S., but that would be extremely unlikely. Most are from Nigeria or Ghana, although these scams are spreading to places like Malaysia and India and other places where they can get a student visa. Keep in mind that absolutely nothing a scammer says about himself/herself is true. Not the name, location, job, problems, family. Everything is a lie aimed at getting the victims’ money or getting them to unknowingly participate in money laundering or re-shipping of stolen merchandise.

  6. My email is Allencindy30@gmail.com my phone is 918-330-3012 my wife is fixing to take my kids to Texas to meet a Steven Robert who claims to be a offshore general contractor. She left me kicked me out going to divorce me to marry this guy.she won’t listen to anything I say.but she believes everything this guy tells her.she talked on the phone with him and he has some kind of foreign assent.he now even friends with four of her family members. Just around may 1st she’s leaving for Texas.
    Please help.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Anthony, if you can edit your message, please remove your phone number. This is not a secure site and we don’t want anyone dishonest to harass you. There may be people lurking who try to scam but offering to track down a scammer and even retrieve any money lost. This is nothing but another scam.

      Can you send her some of the information on the Romance Scams page? The scenario you describe is positively a scam. Contact her family members too, to see if they might recognize they are in touch with scammers. She is going to end up alone in Texas, because most scammers come from Nigeria and Ghana and cannot easily get a visa to travel. This is what will happen: just before she is ready to leave, this person.will have a big problem. There will be an accident or illness. He will claim he needs money to validate his visa. He will be robbed or detained by authorities. If you tell her this now, she may begin to have doubts when this “problem” occurs. After all, I am not psychic and yet I am sure this will happen. She might even get to Texas with no one to meet her, but she will get word of this problem that only she can fix with money.

      Natives of Nigeria and Ghana do speak English as learned in Great Britain, but they do have accents. They also have voice altering technology to make them sound as if they are from a different location.

      The reason your wife will not listen to you is that the scammers are very skilled at profiling a person, then creating a persona that is perfect girl the victim. He will be everything she ever dreamed of, everything she ever wanted but did t have. It is actually a light form of hypnosis and brainwashing and victims fall under control of the scammers. And, yes, the word is scammers because these men do not work alone. They work in groups of around 7, all helping to scam each victim and scamming multiple victims at one time. The person who sends her music and love poetry is not the same person she talks with on the phone or texts with. The person who may notify her of the accident or other problem that keeps him away will be another person. And as far as names go, scammers change their names as often as we change our underwear!

  7. There is a guy on Facebook whose name is Ben Ash claiming to have lost his wife and baby during child birth in Illinois and has a daughter who is 13 in new York with her aunt says he works at constructora I Ocala florida also told someone his wife and baby died 7 years ago I think he is a scammer but not for sure he has pictures of a guy and daughter on his Facebook if anyone knows this man by a different name please report him so he does not try to do this to other women.

  8. Kim says:

    Please do not send any money! And whatever you do, don’t give him any personal information.

    • Kim says:

      They play on your emotions! Remember that:) They send songs and FAKE pictures! Geez…..If I ever get my hands on James Green, God is the only person that could help him:) Trust me on that one! I am no longer EMOTIONAL! In fact, I am mad as hell! Lol! But, I am pretty sure That I will calm down:)

      The only reason I am sharing this information is to help someone else. So, be cautious and remember that long distance relationships can be tricky! And not everyone is honest- sad….but TRUE!

      • RomanceScams says:

        Feeling anger and rage is normal and helpful in healing. All emotions resulting from a scam are felt in no particular order and they often will surface again after we think we are done with those feelings. Just keep trying to work through them. But be aware you are not enraged at just one person because scammers always work in groups, helping to scam each victim and scamming many victims at a time while keeping records on each victim so they don’t confuse names or story lines. I’m pretty sure you are angry enough to cover all of them!

  9. Theresa Cressey says:

    I met him at a car supply store. He called me I told him I am trying to save whats left of me for a husband. He kept presuing me. He final had sex and after that I found out he was in a serious relationship. He got me back in his house put spit on his hand and hit me in the face three times. After that jsppen to me love went out the door. I kept telling my self stop calm let him bring you home to your house and don t let him in your house and close the door completely on that relationship and thats what I did. I am tied of my race of men dogging me out and laughing about. Ifeel that love by a black man don t exist for me.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Theresa, if you live in the US. we have the careful not to name someone we have met in person. Thank you for not doing that; it is a legal issue.

      It can be difficult to find the relationship we want, no matter what race. We have heard of casual meetings leading to love and marriage, but that is in a small number of cases. Be careful out there. I don’t like thinking of what could happen to you.

  10. Crystal says:

    I’m not sure but I think I’m being or have been scammed. Please help me. I had one person look him Brian Woodworth they said he doesn’t exixist so I’m trying to figure out who am I’m talking than. He says he is working in Canada now was in Africa for 5 months last summer he said he was working for Shell Oil as an Enigeer now the money is ready to transferred into an account in Africa by that bank in Africa than he is coming here to marry me and transfer the money into account here. What should I do?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Crystal, you are dealing with a scammer. Some of the evidence of this is that he is an engineer working away from his home country. He has worked in Africa. He
      wants to marry you, but you have not met in person. He’s talking about money transfers.

      Has he asked you for a loan? Does he want to open a joint account with you, or have you give him information on an account you already have? Has he asked you to send him anything, like an iTunes card? Does he send you poetry and links to love songs?

      The very smartest and safest thing you can do S immediately, without another word to him, block him from contacting you via any of the methods you used to communicate – texting, phone calls, emails, etc. scan your devices for viruses and malware (disconnect from the Internet when you do this). Once a scammer realized you have doubts or believe you are being scammed, things can get very nasty, very quickly.

      It is hard to accept that a person you have invested a lot of time (and perhaps money) and even fallen in love with is actually not real. Instead of one person, you are dealing with a group or cell of scammers who keep notes on their many victims so they can keep track of what has happened in the relationship so far. One may send poetry, one will talk on the phone with you, etc. it is the reason they call victims “Hon, Sweetie, Wifey, Baby, Babe”. They don’t want to make a mistake and use the name of a different victim!

      Please consider joining our Yahoo email support group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams safe link) for more answers to your questions and for understanding and support.

  11. Betty says:

    My scammer used my name and started using my picture as his profile picture on facebook. I reported all profiles with my picture and they were removed. I love this site and another good site is male scammers.com.I have already sent in the information of all men who scam me with thir pictures and all other important false documents they send me. I lost a lot of money, but not going to dwell on it. I learned a valuable lesson.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Betty, loss of money happens a lot and the amount varies from $50 all the way up to a million dollars! It can be very difficult to deal with the changes this may mean in your live. Some people even become homeless because of the debt they incur trying to help the “love of my love”. But the emotional difficulties are usually worse. It’s a wide range of emotions to experience and cope with: shock, fear, embarrassment, shame, grief, panic, anger, depression, loss of trust, etc. But we can, and do survive. Now that we know about romance scams and what to watch for, we know how to protect ourselves on the Internet. Most of us knew of other types of scams but had no idea this romance scam existed. It is becoming more widespread every day. It is estimated there are 8 million scammers out there, may with ties to International terrorist groups. The majority of these scammers live in Nigeria or Ghana, but they are spreading across the globe. It is difficult for them to obtain a visa, especially to the U. S., but they can get student visas to many countries. Once there they stay long after the visa expires and team up with other scammers. It is a very organized criminal element with advanced technology skills, many with a high lever of education. Our groups has a goal of helping victims, but also strives to spread information on romance scams so that fewer people become victims.

  12. Emily says:

    I was a victim of a romantic scammer, I was in love, happy, excited, when this so called fellow from the UK, I was in heaven thinking I finally found true love, until, he started asking for my bank account, then to send him Money fast, I never did, just last month, February 2017, he cut ties with me, disappeared, vanished, he rejectede, angry of the idea I never send him Money, my heart now is aching, I feel lost lonely again? Them, i discovered is suspicious that the man on the picture was a fake! Not him at all, it’s someone else? I felt so stupid, embarrassed, lost, hopeless to find anyone else ever! I knew it was to good to be true! It was a scammer that decided me. With lies, fantasies, only money interest, another man I wouldn’t be attracted at all! I was a victim for 3 months, thinking I found the perfect guy. Don’t let this happen to you. Please!

    • RomanceScams says:

      Emily, first of all, don’t feel stupid or embarrassed – and especially not hopeless. Most victims experience the happiness and excitement you did. I know I did, I hadn’t been that happy in years! It’s all part of the brainwashing the scammers practice on their victims from the first day of contact. They ask a lot of questions in order to “get to know you better”. Then they use that information to create that ideal person for us. They condition us to anticipate the next contact, most often at the same times every day. They send us music and poetry (copied from the Internet). They may send gifts like flowers, candy and teddy bears (paid for with stolen credit cards). They plan to come to meet us in person, but their job takes them out of the country. Then, their problems start. Only money will solve those problems and only you can help! You were smart not to send money. Most victims do, because by the time it is requested they are deeply committed to this person. We most often ignore red flags, or do a little research and find something to believe. We cooperate because we do not want to lose this love that feels, finally, exactly what we are looking for.

      Once a victim learns the truth, emotions take over: shock, anger, fear, embarrassment, grief, hopelessness, depression. These come in no particular order and are felt over and over as we struggle to heal. It’s a period where we need to do even the smallest things for ourselves, to take care to eat and drink water, take a short walk, get out in nature, etc. The Yahoo e-mail support group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams (safe link) was set up to help victims with all of this. It is a non-judgemental place because all members have been scammed or have tried to help family members or close friends who are being scammed. Members share as much of their story as they are comfortable doing. They read other stories. They learn how to report this type of crime to empower themselves. Technical help, such as tracking e-mail addresses, is available. Please consider joining us! In the meantime, be kind to yourself. You can and will recover from this devastation.

  13. Kim says:

    James Green scammed me out of money! I have always been a giving person and I can’t believe this happened to me. My marriage was in the rocks and he came at the perfect time! I pray that he is caught and we all receive the funds we lost because of this horrible person!

    • RomanceScams says:

      I’m sad to tell you Kim, that the likelihood of any of us getting any money back is zero. Even if the scammers were caught (again, likelihood near zero) the money is long gone. It’s been spent on luxurious or sporty cars, expensive champagne, prostitutes, and advanced to international terrorist groups. The reasons these criminals are not caught are 1) there are an estimated 8 million of them 2) all information they give us is false-stolen photos, made up names, spoofed phone numbers, etc. 3)law enforcement officials in countries where the scammers live are easily bribed, sometimes arresting many scammers, then letting them go in a day or two.

      We report scams for several reasons: 1) torovide law enforcement a large amount of data that will hopefully lead them to the organized crime syndicates that scammers are part of. 2) to show that we are true victims of these crimes, not accomplices who launder money, re-ship packages, receive merchandise paid for with stolen credit cards and stolen identity information. 3) in the US it is possible to claim a loss due to fraud on our income taxes, allowing us to get a small portion of our money back through a tax credit, depending on income, etc. 4) Reporting is empowering and is often one of the first steps towards healing.

      We are so sorry this happened to you. It is very difficult to accept, but we can and do recover, often becoming stronger in the process. Some troubled marriages are made better. You are invited and encouraged to join our Yahoo email support group for more information. There is no judgement in this group because we have all been scammed, or are trying to help family members or close friends who have been scammed. It is wonderful for emotional support. You can join at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams (Safe link).
      One additional bit of information is that scammers rarely work alone. You were unknowingly in contact with more than one person. One may write messages, another handles the phone calls, another might send poetry or music. And the whole group is scamming many victims at one time. They keep extensive notes on each victim so they can keep track of the story line. They also call us Hon, Sweetie, Babe, Baby, Wifey, so as to avoid using the wrong name.

  14. Silvio Valastro says:


    Guess what? I wrote down a scammers patter in an email that was used to gather info on me and i thought i threw it away? Well i found it or mabe i should say, IT found me, Ha!
    Here’s what they wanted to know,

    First they said they were hurt/cheated in past relationships & they swore no sex untill they were married as it was a special gift. (sounds innoccent enough)

    Then their list came next?

    What do you seek in a relationship?

    What are the basic qualities you seek in a woman?

    What sort of relationship i seek?

    What do you do for fun?

    What relogion?

    Are you a morning or night person?

    Idea of a perfect date?

    Favorite colour, food, place to go, movie, song, drink, relative?

    Favorite gift to recieve, style of clothing, flower, dream house & car?

    What sort of gift would you like to recieve from your perfect woman?

    GEEEZ, their not dating questions, their gathering info on YOU questions! THE SCUMS!

    ALL to use against YOU & seduce you emotionally & brain wash YOU to ROB YOUR MONEY & if you getbwise to t them & they fail they SELL your info to other accomplice or independent romamce scammers who continue to abuse YOU!

    Yes it’s alarming but i hope enligntening & empowering for romance scam victims everywhere.

    Very warm regards,


  15. Silvio Valastro says:

    Hello dwthedrummer,

    Hi my name is Siv & new to R.S.

    My experience was different but i’m happy to hear you & your wife have been guided through the tunnel and can see the light. 😁

    Warm regards,


  16. Silvio Valastro says:

    Hi Jay,

    Follow the R.S Peer Councellors/Moderators guidence/advice & i have to say if you know who this romance scamming for money guy is & how irresponsible he is with his hiv+ condition, report all his details to YOUR LAW & MEDICAL AUTHORITES in your area.

    Warm regards,


  17. Jay says:

    Met a guy on this gay site. Believe this guy was real. He was just after my money and whatever he could get. I am not his first victim. His real name is Jimmie Johnson, and is hiv+ which he fails to tell. He thinks he is undectable but he doesn’t take his mess on a regular basis and passes other stds as well. He targets wealth white gay men in the Sacramento area. He is just a common hoe that everyone has done. He wants you to believe your special but don’t fall for this drug addict trap. He will destroy you.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Jay, is this a real person that you have met in person? Or was contact only through e-mail, texting, or phone calls? The vast majority of the victims here have been scammed by groups outside of the U.S. Have you reported this to your local law enforcement agency, police, sheriff, etc? At times they do not want to take your information because they claim we gave the money, but persist because these lies and promises are fraud. Also if this person is HIV+ you should report him to the appropriate health departments. Romance Scams does not reveal the real name of a scammer in domestic cases because of US laws on slander, etc. our group could be named in a lawsuit if we permit this. I have doubts about whether this is the individual’s real name and I don’t know how you came to know it.

      You are obviously in the anger/rage stage of being victimized by a scammer. There are many other emotions you may deal with as you recover from this: sorrow, depression, desire for revenge, loss of self-esteem, denial. All of these are normal and need to be dealt with in other to heal.

      We wish you well in recovering from this scam. You are welcome to post again.

  18. Walden says:

    I just want to say thanks for all you do, and for all the comments posted by victims and others.

  19. Silvio Valastro says:

    I don’t mind my name being posted here as i was recently a romance fraudster victim & being a honest 50 year old single man/struggling labourer looking for a honest simular aged women & have a meaningful lasing relarionship WAS STUPID/GULLABLE ENOUGH to be FOOLED BY TWO PICTURES & the sweet words of my seducer (HOW EMBARRISING, MY GOD!) who led me along a i feel a connected & we are fated/destined whirlwind romance JUST THROUGH EMAILS that STOLE MY HEART FOR TWO WEEKS untill i suggested a meeting & then they started asking for money but luckly i picked up something was amiss and dropped out of it BUT i UNDERSTAND THE HURT YOU ALL FEEL & i too was left hurt/shocked & heart broken/still am, DAMM IT!

    I told them about personnal infomation, my dreams and our future together & i was head over heals in love/giddy & to make those feel better who at least met/saw their romamce fraudsters, i fell in love with & a stranger i never met and a couple of fake puctures!!!!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT I AM!

    Now i don’t know what to do or who/which lady or person to trust as i opened up my heart so much i’m in shock. I think only you honest victims can understand the pain! I’M A MAN AND I ADMIT, FUCK IT HURTS, HURTS ALOT AND I FEEL FOR YOU WOMEN AND MEN LEFT HURT. 😢

    Anyone on the scammers site is welcome to respond & i hope some of you’s feel less “stupid” after reading HOW STUPID I WAS. HA HA HA HA. It still hurts but i laugh at it sometimes.

    Warm Regards & love,


    • RomanceScams says:

      Siv, you are not stupid, and do not have any reason to feel embarrassed. Becoming a romance scam victim has nothing to do with intelligence, education level, career, economic status or any other factor other than being a caring, kind, generous person who wants to find someone to love who will love them back.

      The scammers are skilled at social profiling, on getting the victim to share enough information that they can reflect back as common interests or similar life stories. It takes only a short time for the pairing of an attractive (stolen) photo and just the right words to capture a victim’s interest. A kind of brainwashing occurs through regular contact, often at specific times, sleep deprivation from middle of the night communications, use of compliments, endearing terms and lots of emoticons. One or more of these strategies may be familiar to you. Another thing to remember is that we didn’t really know about this kind of scam and how it works, what the warning signs are, etc. Once we know about this, either from our own experience or reading of articles, also seeing news stories, we are able to keep ourselves safe from these scams.

      Yes, it is heartbreaking. We were deeply in love, but we didn’t know we were in love with an illusion custom made for us that seemed to be exactly what we wanted and needed. I remember thinking that I had finally met a man who was just who I had hoped for. Finding out the truth is devastating. We actually mourn as if someone had died. We are in shock, we are outraged, depressed, frustrated and confused. We blame ourselves, feel unable to share our story with family and friends. We can be embarrasssed when it comes to reporting the scam to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

      I am happy to see you have joined the RS email support group; it is a place of understanding and acceptance. We all know what you are talking about when you share your story and feelings. There is much much information to be shared. All of the peer counselors have been scammed and so have the other members except for those who have family and friends they are trying to help. So, there is no judgment to make a new victim feel bad.

      Fortunately, you didn’t lose any money, but that doesn’t mean you are not in pain. The loss of a love you believed in is often harder to recover from than a loss of money, although there are members who have had to declare bankruptcy or have become homeless.

      Stay with us, here and in the group. Share and ask questions. You will survive this. There is no doubt that this experience is life changing, but we can and do survival vet and become stronger.

      By the way, there is evidence that more men than women are scammed in this way. It is easy to reach a different conclusion because men seem to be more reluctant than women to share their stories. So thank you for doing that. You are not alone.

  20. Mark tussler says:

    Does anyone know mary smith in accri city she is about 34 yrs old and blonde hair very pretty girl

  21. Geno says:

    Yep. I met this girl online from Ghana she said she knew someone that have gold and said I can buy and make a profit on it. I always wanted to buy gold and sell it for more money so I went on with it until I found out it was a scam and I lost a lot of money. I had took out loans and spend all my retirement on this.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Scammers have multiple scripts they use; the gold (or gems) is one that we do not see as often on Romance Scams, but it does its damage. If you live in the U.S. you may be able to claim the money you lost as a loss sue to fraud; you will get only a percentage back, depending on your income, but any amount helps.

      Have you reported this to law enforcement? In order to file for loss by fraud you must be able to show a case or report number if audited.

  22. harriet says:

    I’m feel depressed now i can’t eat sleep and work good bcuz of what’s happening to me now i’m a victim of scammer am going crazy i work here in abroad for more than two years after all is just this happen to me I must be strong now

  23. RomanceScams says:

    This link was submitted by a visitor to the blog. It has been checked by a moderator and found to be a safe link.


  24. JD says:

    I have read through all of these stories .. as I feel for all of you .. but I am a US citizen and have been to Nigeria and lived the life of a Nigerian for a month. I saw first hand how the life is .. and along the way have met some very nice people that today are my friends. the life in Nigeria is nothing that I can even begin to describe. Starting with the corrupted government going all the way down.. all I can say is .. these people need to provide for their families .. there are so many people and many very good people/families.. there are just not enough jobs for everyone. I saw men, women, children carrying baskets on their head filled with a product trying to sell while walking in the hot unbearable sun. Although it is very wrong what some are doing .. which give the good ones a bad name .. as in anything in life … most are not tied to terrorists .. most work alone or maybe with a small group. I think some are just trying to hustle to be able to feed. I agree with the warning signs,, engineer, over seas, no family, limited friends on fb , fall in love quickly, different words/spelling (example.. have a fruitful day) .. just block these people,

    • RomanceScams says:

      Thank you for your interesting message JD. Reading about a country, its culture, people and government is never the same as experiencing it in person. Certainly, we never mean to imply that all Nigerians are scammers. We do know that even with an advanced education, the pay is very little. It would be good to read more about your experience, but there is no pressure to share more than you already have.

  25. Loretta. Dudney says:

    I have been in a romance scam I am hurting so bad he just drop me like a hot potatoe when I figured out he was scamming me he got a total of 1700 over a 3 month period I fell in love with this man and its been 4 weeks I tried to reach him to ask for my money back no response at all He told me his name was Elvan Warren and he was from canada but he was US army and was in afganistan that he worked with Nato

    • RomanceScams says:

      Of course you are in pain, Loretta. You, like the rest of us, were skillfully programmed to have strong feelings of love and trust for a person you thought was real. Sadly that person never existed. We grieve the loss of that illusion just as we grieve the death of someone real that we care for. It’s important to understand several things. First, you will not get your money back. It was spent within days of you sending it. There was not just one individual involved in scamming you; these criminals work in groups, all participating in different aspects of the scam while scamming a dozen or more victims at the same time. Members of the U.S. military are not permitted to use social media or go on dating sites. Plus they do not have time to pursue love interests, especially when they are in a war zone. Next, and extremely important is that you should never continue contact once you suspect that you are in contact with a scammer. We learn to immediately block all means of communication between the scammers and us; email, instant messaging, texting, phone calls. You don’t want to risk having your electronic devices destroyed or taken over but angry scammers. You don’t need to hear the angry words and threats of blackmail. And you also do not need the complication of hearing a scammer admit what he has done, but telling you he is quitting that activity because he has really fallen in love with you. That is not true either, rather it is the beginning of another level and type of scam.

      It is difficult to hear and try to accept all of this. We become scam victims because we didn’t know this type of thing existed. Once we realize the truth, we still have a lot to learn about how these scams work so we can protect ourselves in the future. You will find more assistance, information and support if you join our Yahoo email group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams (safe link)

      Please do not continue trying to make contact with these criminals.

  26. Kathy says:

    We will heel someday & trust again!!! It been a limitless over year for when I was scam, and I still trying to heal from all this, my scammer comes on fb.. as soon I see it I report him, post him in scam sites, so he can’t hurt others.. But the memories do come back, with the pain.. I know this we are all fighters & I will someday fine peace

  27. Kathy says:

    I think a friend is being scammed by a so called Karen Palla any news on this girl?

  28. Dumbo User says:

    I was ripped off by the Peachy Lemon scam that is just plain old pyramid marketing of printed mugs on Facebook and was persuaded to pay them £10 a month to become a sales agent so me and my husband worked hard and manage to drum up some business using discount codes but we ended up with angry family members and friends who often did not receive the good on time or at all plus the quality of the goods was questionable.

    Needless to say that I ended up £30 out of pocket but the lesson learned was invaluable and yes I was a total mug and won’t be take in so easy in the future.

  29. Try this meditation technique + brain commanding techniques, to improve your life.

    Assume dead body posture. ( It’s a yoga postures, look up how to do it on YouTube)

    Focus on breathing,
    Breathe in – Breathe Out.
    Think nothing
    Stay still.
    Eyes closed.
    “Order these command words” to your “subconscious brain” like a commander orders it’s army.

    “Details” remind yourself to look for every detail before concluding what could be good/bad for you.
    “Direction” will force yourself to set a particular direction in your life.

    Hard work. There ain’t no luck.

    • RomanceScams says:


      You message has been edited to remove your opinions of scam victims. You are mistaken about how these scams work and the nature of the victims. You will not be allowed to post offensive judgements here.

  30. Robin says:

    Your healt well being emotional state none of these things matter to the criminals that do these things all they see is money

  31. RomanceScams says:

    Dear Need Help, I want you to go to http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams (safe link) and join our support group. Here is too much information for me to give you this blog. And you need the emotional support our members and peer counselors can provide. We have all been scammed so we really understand how you are feeling and can help you heal from this crime against you. Pleaselease do this. If you don’t want to share your story right away you can just read the messages and learn from them. You sound desperate and I’ll. You need to do this!

  32. donna rachiele says:

    Mine is more emotional from turkish men.They get super serious I am much older than these men.most want video sex.not asked for money.so not sure what their goal is.I’m pretty sure they have been married and don’t seem to have respect for females

    • RomanceScams says:

      Donna, these scammers will use intimate photos and videos to blackmail their victims. Please, do not keep in contact with them. If you are in a situation where you could be threatened, stop all contact immediately before the demands for money start. We advise victims to never send money because more and more demands will be made. It is rare that scammers follow through on their threats to expose the victim. It takes too much of their time away from the other scams. Block all points of contact; change your email address and phone number if necessary. Nothing good can come of this connection. Be safe!

  33. Robin says:

    Sounds similar to the so called man that scamed me he was supposedly living in Miami had recently lived in Houston was not long after we began talking he was awarded a contract to work in Nigeria same thing wanted money for his on going emergencys which were never ending took alot from me but karma will find him

    • RomanceScams says:

      Robin, it sounds similar because the scammers all use the same basic scripts, changing details such as occupation (but it is always something that takes them to a different country to work), whether their spouse or girlfriend died, and how they died, or a bad breakup or divorce. They may or may not have one or two children depending on the age they are pretending to be. And then there are all the problems they encounter that only you can help them with by sending money, or receiving what turns out to be counterfeit checks or money orders, or reshipping packages. They adjust their story line to match the needs and desires and interests of the victim.

      Because of this, victims can often become convinced that they and another victim are dealing with the same scammer. It is not impossible, but the odds of that being the cas are very low. This is because there are an estimated 8 million scammers out there trying to steal our money.

  34. Alison says:

    Hi I’ve got a friend stuck in ghana. And this person has a box of belongings that have been stuck at the airport for months and he’s paid alot of money for it so far. But they still won’t release the box . Because there saying that he has to pay for a yellow tag document. This person is stuck over there with nothing money and no food Iam very worried.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Yes, Allison, it is a scam. please block all points of contact immediately. Do not say one more word to him. When the victim expresses suspicion or accusations, the game steps up to a new level. You will be subjected to angry, harsh language, made to fell guilty, perhaps blackmailed. In addition, your computer, mobile phone, etc. can be infected by viruses and malware that will be ver expensive to remove, if it isn’t totally unfixable. He is not without food, he is not broke. There is no package. In fact, your friend is not just one person. These Nigerian scammers work in groups of 4-7 men. They share the tasks in a scam and have many scams running at the same time. They keep notes on each scam so they don’t use an incorrect name by accident and so that they know the story line for each victim. The reason they call us Hon, Sweetie, Baby, Luv, silly girl, is a another way to be sure they don’t use the wrong name. You and “your friend” are not in an exclusive relationship. You are friends with an illusion. He is not friends with anyone except his scammer partners and they money they steal from us.

        If you would like more information and support for the emotional upheaval of being scammed, please join our RomanceScams Yahoo email group. We have all been scammed and we understand and do not judge anyone. You can join here: http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams. (safe link)

        Be sure to run antivirus and malware programs on your devices, or have them checked by a professional.

  35. Brenda Louise Fulton says:

    This message has been edited because of language that is unacceptable on this blog.

    My name is Brenda. Nov 12, 2016, I received a inbox message from a nice looking guy, who said my FB Profile Picture looked interesting and he would like to get to know me. I didn’t respond until 6 days later. He described himself as a Christian and he is looking for a life partner, he is a Civil Engineer and a USAA Financial Consultant. He’s a single Dad. I was impressed and intrigue. He’s 51 and I’m 56, single and no children. We began texting, we have a lot in common and I thought this my chance of a late in life Relationship. The relationship was going to be long distance for 6mos and I was cool with that. When John reached out to me, he was in New York. After Thanksgiving, he was going to Nigeria to lead his crew in the building of a Musuem and a Highway. We texted daily throughout the day and in doing so we developed STRONG feelings. Well this so called Christian Man was a Scammer. It started with him needing money for a Physical so he could use his phone/internet service. His credit card didn’t work, he had limited cash…..so, I was skeptical, but, I sent the $450 ($390 was for the Physical and the rest was for food, because it is expensive in Nigeria). We continued on texting and we talked about establishing a Relationship and I was willing to wait til he return home. The next occasion, I volunteered to send him $215……instead of being appreciative, he asked could I send $250 (reluctantly, I did because, I really thought he was the one). For Christmas (since he wasn’t with me I sent him $275. This where I found out this xxxxx wanted a CASH COW! Mind you, (this was a total of $975 within 30 days). Jan 3rd was it for me, because this xxxxx asked me for money to pay for his phone/internet service which was going to be cut off at 12 midnight Jan 4th. He said he needed to talk to me so he could focus on his job. My response was if talking to me was that IMPORTANT, he would’ve made sure he used the money I sent. He had the audacity to make feel like it was an Honor and Privilege that he wanted to talk me, so I should send him the money. I told that xxxxxx to lose my number and I want NO parts of him or a Relationship. He really thought that, him telling me that he love me 660× in 30 days, that I was suppose to support his xxxxxx I am CRUSHED, because, again, at 56yrs old, I thought, I had found my Soulmate! I shoulda known better! I’m so glad that I wasn’t BLINDED any further……$975 in 30 days was too much! I hope Mr. John Sunday got good use out of it…..because, he lost a GENUINE WOMAN that would’ve had his back!

  36. Agamdeep Nagpal says:

    Some one was trying to get too Frank with me for last few weeks or so . So I knew something was wrong. I reversed the pic and it was totally. What I expected and It was a scammer for sure .

    But I just wanted to play along and just make a joke out of her

    Instead of her trying to get close to me .And I got close to him .
    And send her fake quotes and all that.

    Finally the day came when she revealed her identity and was a Nigerian guy named Alana.

    He again tried to con me said I need help as they won’t let me live and are forcing to scam people.

    I said go to police.
    He said ..They won’t help.
    And since then I am still playing him.
    And he has stopped msging me.

    So I said try to con me again let’s see if u can succeed or not .

    From then I was getting few request by girls from different countries .

    And I knew it was a scammer.
    So again if u r caught in this .
    Just let it go .Leave …Ur life is more precious than fake love .

    • RomanceScams says:

      Agamdeep, it is wonderful that you were able to see and understand the signs of a scammer. It is very tempting to play games with someone who has been dishonest with you, to try to beat them at their own game. But, and this is important, it is very dangerous. These scammers hare heartless professional criminals who have extensive computer skills. If they believe you know what the are trying to do, they can get very mean. They use threats and blackmail. They also are capable of infecting hour communication devices with undetectable malware and viruses that can destroy them beyond repair. They can also install programs on your computer that will reveal to them everything you type, including usernames and passwords. They can capture all of your contacts list and try to scam your friends and family. The FBI wRns very strongly against “scam-baiting. The RomanceScams group actively discourages this too, because the consequences have happened to many members who believed they could get even or beat the scammers at what they do. Please clean your devices with anti-virus programs and malware cleaners. The delete any programs you used to communicate such as Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger. You need to block all ways that the scammer used to contact you. If you need more information on doing this, please join our Yahoo email group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams. (Safe link)

      Stay safe!

  37. Patty chappell says:

    I too have been scammed by a man in Nigeria. He had told me he was from Pa. ,widower, civil engineer. I have not watched tv for couple years and never heard of scammers. I of course was getting divorced from abusive man and received a friend request on Facebook. I tried to distance myself but he said all the right things I guess because I fell in love. Sounds sort of silly now someone you’ve never met just recently he started calling me first time since we met 1 1/2 years and now no money. My heart can get over him it’s much harder for my mind. Is till can’t get him out of my head and he had wanted to see what I looked like on my dl so I covered it and only sent picture he wasn’t happy! By then I didn’t care if he was happy . He had sent me a pic of his, and it was as fake as fake can be but he gave me some dumb story about it and his passport didn’t look right so I took closer look on it it said united state. As far as I know we live in United States! So when I start getting him in my head I just have to tell myself I have proof he is a fraud. Plus he says he is Greek but I doubt that too he sounded more like Nigerian. Some days are better than others and I did hang on to thought that he was real but when you have the proof in black and white in front of you it’s kind of hard to dismiss it. But it must be his first because when I started reading about these his was pretty much textbook from beginning to end. Bta to iTunes! Thanks for listening, and I think we just all want to be loved and cared about and I sometimes still feel pretty stupid but I know deep inside none of us are stupid.

  38. Meagan says:

    I Met A Man His Name is Bob He Lives in the US I Found Him On bodoo Dating Site So Before Christmas 2016 He Went and Brought Me Some Christmas Presents The Box is Worth $650 Dollars He Keeps On Asking Me For The Money That I Dont Have If I Was Sending a Present Overseas I Would NOT Ask Someone To Pay My Bill I Ask He To Delete My Information Out Of His Computer And I hope He Did !!!!!!!!!!!

  39. joan collins says:

    don’t mean to b insensitive. i was a victim too. but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…why r we searching for what doesn’t exist?!

    • RomanceScams says:

      Joan, what doesn’t exist? The dream love that is presented by scammers? Of course it doesn’t, because it takes face to face meetings and a lot of time together to build a loving caring relationship. But it can seem so real, so wonderful and exciting that we convince ourselves that it is finally our turn for true love. The scammers are highly skilled at personal profiling: they know how to get their victims to confide in them, then reflect those needs and desires right back to make them feel like the perfect person has come into their lives. It’s a type of hypnosis, of brainwashing that is very effective. One of Romance Scams’primary missions is to educate men and women about the signs of a scam so they can block the connection before this happens.

      Some victims find it close to impossible to accept that nothing that nothing about this connection is true. Even after proof is offered, they continue to worry that this “person” is going to jail, or has been in an accident, or has a relative who is dying. Other victims focus on revenge and can’t understand that since they have no true information about the scammers, it’s impossible to find them in the sea of an estimated 8 million scammers. Others get involved in scam-baiting which is extremely dangerous and warned against by the FBI.

      We need to be careful everywhere on the Internet. Once we have been scammed it is likely that attempts will be made to catch us again after a cooling off period has passed. Scammers either try again in the same persona, or they sell the victim’s information to other scammers. These are professional criminals with ties to international terrorism. Not much deters them except silence from the victim. Our first advice to a new victim is to block all contact points without another word being said.

  40. BewareOfThisScam says:

    Met someone from dating site, apparently from UK in his 50’s, working in oil and gas industry, with diamonds and gold as sideline. Bling!bling! Major alarm ringing. His grammar and sentence structure was another red flag. It fits many red flags described here. https://pairedlife.com/dating/Internet-Dating-Scammers-How-To-Identify-Them

    This is what he wrote about his career.

    “i manage more like two different careers , i do business on the side which i am not really into full time , i guess its something i would like to start building up now , so that when i retire from my contracting job i could have something that keeps me busy which is my business which deals with the import and export of unrefined gold and diamond material . i am in fulltime a private contractor , i work with a couple of oil and gas contracting companies , i am into the installation and maintenance of oil pipelines, my full time job , most of the time have me traveling to countries , and also most of the time i shuttle to California, if am not in UK i am in California , sometimes i live there for months as well .”

    • RomanceScams says:

      So glad you picked up on the red flags! Typically victims will see those telling signs but push them aside because connecting to someone who seems to know you so well and not only accepts who you are, but loves you and wants a future with you – well, that overrides the troublesome signs and pushes them into your subconscious mind. They certainly come back to mind in a rush once the scam is realized, causing victims to feel stupid, ashamed and self-blaming.

      This scammer fits the profile quite well: his typical stated careers, dual residences, the lower case “I”.

      Scammers abound on all dating sites as well as social media, special interest groups, LinkedIn and other career related sites, etc. The more awareness there is of the telltale signs of a scam, the safer we will all be.

  41. Confused says:

    Will someone please tell me the steps to take on reporting someone to US immigration? This guy scammed me and he’s a big time scammer. I hope I can help someone else. Thanks for any replies!

    • RomanceScams says:

      Can you provide a bit more information about what has happened and why you need this information? It will help us to provide the right answers to your question. If you would rather not do that on this blog, you should consider joining our Yahoo email group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams All of the members have been victims of a scam or are trying to help family members or friends who are being scammed. Not only is there nonjudgmental understanding, but there we are able to share much more detailed information on reporting, etc.

  42. Gary Fletcher says:

    Hey All.
    I Was nearly scammed, by what I was lead to believe, was a Russian woman. She phoned me every other day and when I said I had Skype we video called every evening. I had a call from her supposed mother, about my intentions towards her daughter. I put her images through Google reverse and tin eye. To see if her image had been used before. Both came back blank. I had photos of her passport, and of her visa and travel insurance. They she hit me, with salary not gone in bank. I need to pay my airfare!!! I suggested she get loan against her mortgage and I would pay her back once we’d met face to face. But you guessed it. She was turned down. Next I had list of money sending companies. I picked couple and used false info. So it came back as more details required. I sent screen shot to her. She suggested I use a different one. So I used an old deposit account and put in wrong expire date and made up a cvv number. I then sent her a fake collection code. Two hours later I sent her a email asking why her mobile code wasn’t in the list of Russian area codes available on the internet, how her post/zip code didn’t correspond with her street address and how could she miss spell her home address street? A week on. I’ve had no reply, I didn’t expect it. But having been through a traumatic break up earlier in the year. I thought I Was into the genuine thing. Yes I’m gutted. I’m down hearted, and think are these dating site just full of scam artist. I’m lucky I’ve spent most of my working life in the security industry. So double checked every detail I received. Now I’ve had another ask me for my address to send some luggage to me, as she would struggle with it all coming back to our country!!! This has rung alarm bells in my head. Am I going to be visited by some strangers looking for said luggage? Or worse local law enforcement agents raiding my quiet little home? I’ll play the game for a while, see where it goes. I think if it looks to good to be true. Then good chance it is. Just be wary of giving details name address for instant. Easy to bring up in coversation. Easy enough for identity theft. If you get these requests make a email account and send that. Keep chatting, but forget to add any details, they want. See how they respond. Stay safe and be lucky people.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Gary, please don’t play games with these scammers. It can be dangerous. Your electronic devices- phone, computer, laptop, tablet – can be infected with viruses and malware that can destroy them before they can be detected. Even worse are the programs they can upload that track your keystrokes, revealing your user names and passwords. They can also capture your contact list and use it to threaten you with blackmail, or to “friend” your contacts who may believe you know this person. The FBI warns against any contact with scammers once you suspect or know that’s who you are dealing with.

      Do not accept any shipments from scammers. This can be the start of re-shipment scams, money laundering, receiving stolen property. Any of these can get you into legal difficulties.

      It is very difficult to realize and accept that someone you think is the genuine thing is actually part of a scammer group. It is also difficult to block all contact without saying another word about your suspicions. But that is exactly what you need to do at this point. Block, ignore, report and delete! It drives scammers crazy to be cut off and ignored.

      Consider joining our Yahoo email group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams (safe link) for more information and emotional support and understanding. All of us there have been scammed or have tried to help scammed family and friends.

  43. Robin says:

    I was scammed for a year took a lot from me not only money but trust took the dream of have a life with someone I thought cared and loved me I forgive I do not forget I know he will not be caught but thsts OK because you can not hurt people in the ways they do and live a perfect life I believe good comes to those who do good and bad to those who do bad so I take comfort in that

  44. KarenG says:

    A woman of my acquaintance, aged around 62 and apparently very lonely, went “catfishing.” She would show us the people and lead them along, pretending to wire money but giving fake pick-up numbers, etc. However, one of the first ones she “met” continued to contact her even after she confronted him as a scammer (fake photo on dating site or FB). Since then she’s been “supporting” him by “paying all his expenses.” Recently she made a trip to meet him (in South Africa although he is originally from Nigeria). Luckily she was safe, but they managed to extract a lot of money for illegal immigration papers for him, and for “common-law marriage” papers (common-law marriage does not exist in SA). Of course she paid for everything and he freely gave away her money while she was there… she says he’s “so generous!.” He is 31. She is convinced that he will be coming here – with illegal immigration papers?? She actually considers herself married to him and will not listen to reason although everyone who knows her has been trying to get her to realize this is a scam. Now the father of the family next door to him “has cancer,” has lost his job, and their car broke down. She says she’s not sending money to them, but I’d bet she is. This is a very sad story and she is ruining her life but thinks she’s found true happiness. I post this as a warning to anyone in a similar situation who might think it’s true love. His FB shows him with lots of money, with comments about what a great money-maker he is, etc. She said she questioned him about the pictures but he got angry. During her trip, he posted photos of himself but never mentioned his great love or posted a photo of her. He has no FB friends and does not use his name.O

    • RomanceScams says:

      Thank you for your post, Karen. It can seem unbelievable to many that a person could believe so deeply in a person who is scamming them. The reason it can happen is that scammers use personal profiling to get to know their victim’s personality, likes, needs, etc. They use that information to lure the victim and keep them believing through a sort of online hypnosis. The victim begins to anticipate contact at certain times of the day or night, they wait anxiously for the next call and smile at the endearing phrases, links to love songs, emoticons of hearts, etc. The information they share is completely made up, the photos are stolen, the emergencies don’t exist. Victims become afraid of losing this love and will do almost anything to keep it, including going into extreme debt.

      Your acquaintance unwittingly gave even more money by visiting this guy. Every purchase she made, every hotel charge, restaurant, and of course the immigration papers carried inflated prices arranged ahead of time but scammer accomplices. Afterwards, the extra money is split by the scammer and the accomplice.

      It is very difficult to convince someone who is in this deep that all of this is a lie. They typically become very secretive and angry. If she thinks this love is true, she shouldn’t be afraid to read all the information at http://www.romancescams.org (safe link). She may remain in denial, but the truth may begin to sink in. At that point she will need a lot of understanding and support that is available at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams (safe link)

      I hope that family and friends can help her. She is unknowingly participating in money laundering and can be charged with international crimes. It is indeed very sad.

      And yes, his FB profile shows him with lots of money, the result of the multiple scams he and his “pod” of scammers are running simultaneously.

  45. Confused says:

    Hi, I have been talking to this guy in Morroco. He asks for money and he quits every job he gets . They are not good jobs but he doesn’t work at all. He’s 25. He wants us to meet but I can’t meet him in his country or his family. There’s a 5 year age difference . If we meet I have to pay for everything. He doesn’t have any moeny. He says he loves me but we haven’t met . Is this a scam and should I block him ? He found me on Facebook . He asked me to marry him after 2 months of just talking.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Yes, you should block him immediately without another word to him. This is definitely a scam: his story fits the typical scammer script. Think for a moment about how long it takes to really get to know someone well, to make a new friend, in person. You can’t fall in love with someone you haven’t even met (especially since the photos send are stolen or photoshopped): you can only fall in love with idea of someone. That idea is one that is carefully created by scammers who adjust it as needed when contact continues. If you have not yet been asked to send money to help with a problem he has, it will be happening soon.

      The reason you need to block without explaining, or accusing or questioning is that, not only will he deny being a scammer, serious damage can be done to your phone or computer by these technologically skilled criminals. Besides viruses and malware uploaded to your equipment, they can install programs that capture your keystrokes, allowing them access to your username and passwords, credit card information and contact lists.

      If you want more information or confirmation of this scam please join our Yahoo email group at
      http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams. No judgements there, only understanding, because everyone there has been scammed or is trying to help a family member or friend in a scam situation.

  46. ann0405w says:

    Mine lives in a big house and with multiple bedrooms, he told me more than 5, but I saw only 2. From the outside, the house looked big. He is good looking, young at 30. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister, but I have not seen their pictures. he only sent me his mom’s pic.

  47. ann0405w says:

    How old is he? How old are you btw?

  48. Denise G says:

    I’m glad you’re separated from him. I am mine now. I’m positive about what he was doing. I stopped talking to him once and he contacted me over and over from different numbers and I got sucked back into his web you can say. Never again though. A costly lesson learned!

  49. ann0405w says:

    What is his name? How does he looked like? Can we add in fb?

    • Denise G says:

      His name is Amine Belakehal. He shaves his hair off and he has a goat tee. He’s more Berber looking because his skin is very pale. Sure look up by divabeauty822@yahoo.com. I’ll have to fix my settings so you can send me a request and so you can find me on Facebook. What will be your first name ? I’m using my middle name on here. My first name is Sheila. Let me know if it’s the same guy. It wouldn’t surprise me with as many Facebook accounts he has.

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