RomanceScams Blog, will be sharing information on healing from experiencing a scam.

RomanceScams Blog staff  know from experience that some families will not understand the emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual and financial devastation a romance scam victim encounters. Some families can be critical, judgmental, quick to criticize the victim; adding humiliation on top of the frustration romance scam victim experience; after the scam. Please forgive them, they do not know the devastating dynamics of an online  romance scam.

Please always remember, YOU are a VICTIM of an online Cyber-Crime, an International cyber-crime, committed by scammers abroad in a West African country or a foreign country where these cyber-criminals travel using a Student Visa to escape their native country.

Also the nice looking man or woman in the picture is a “PHOTO-VICTIM.” The impersonator or “scammer” using the the stolen photos of innocent people – are the cyber-criminals, causing Nigerian 419 AFFF  (aka, Romance Scam)                                           Internet Crime; Theft by Deception\Fraud Under False Pretense and;
419 Fraud: Electronic Fund Transfers – False Claims of Financial Distress.

You are welcome to post your feelings, thoughts, purge your pain, emotional devastation, or what ever will help you heal and move forward; after a romance scam devastation.

We do ask please hold back from using vulgar words\expressions; respect the sensitivity of romance scam victims. We will ban, block any site violators.

Victims need a safe space to let go of the pain, shame, humiliation brought on by this cyber-crime. Victims deserve a place they can shed their devastation, get positive support, Information and education; Learn how to be safe while online.

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“Criminals even seem to prefer Cryptojacking to Ransomware.”
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1,162 Responses to Welcome

  1. Cindy Tong says:

    So how long have you been talking to him? All he ask is picture?

    • Yeah for about a year. I took a risk and experimented though. Gave random photos of like movie tickets, everyday life, but definitely not nudes. He would be online sometimes a row in a few days, sometimes once a few days, longest was 2 to 3 weeks once. So the last he logged on and told me saying that he found another girl to be his gf and she will be coming to Singapore with him for work, so he can’t see me anymore. Not sure that’s the truth or not. @Cindy Tong, did you happened to encounter him?

  2. Robin Flores says:

    Your not a fool you just needed to hear those things he was telling and needed to feel loved by someone same thing happened to me I still find his picture under many differant names it’s sad they do this with no guilt or remorse your heart will heel a love will find you real love not fake love keep your head held high

  3. Yung Kash SK says:

    I hardly write responses, but after browsing through a ton of remarks
    on Welcome | Romance Scams Blog. I do have 2 questions for
    you if it’s allright. Could it be only me or do a few of these remarks appear like they are written by brain dead folks?
    😛 And, if you are writing on other online social sites, I’d like
    to keep up with you. Could you list of the complete
    urls of all your social networking sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Yung Kash SK,
      I am sorry, on the blog we respect every romance scam victim; we do not judge, nor allow judgement upon them.. They have experienced emotional, mental, psychological and financial devastation from encountering an online romance scammer.
      If the comments appear as you remark “brain dead folks” that is because the targeted victims have been under the control and manipulation of these online scammers; while in contact.

      Please google and read articles titled Online Hypnosis and Phone Hypnosis, to get some understanding how these cyber-crimes effect targeted victims. The scammers use sleep deprivation on their targeted victims, to program, train, and brainwash the victims – to release their money to the scammer manipulating the victim. Were the victims aware this can happen to them? NO!
      Romance scam victims have no idea this type of cyber-crime exists online or on the phone. Victims [99.9%] have not even heard of this type of cyber-crime.
      Some, social media websites do not alert their members that there maybe be online scammers, predators, pedophiles, terrorist or other dangerous felons using social media websites to target online users, for what ever intentions the offenders feel is profitable for them. Most of the alerts regarding online scammers, or predators are found on the back pages on social media websites, where most members do not go to read to be informed; that is common with most internet online users.

      Yung Kash, some romances scam victims while trying to “HEAL” after the scam, must also seek professional counseling; meaning they seek help from a Psychologist or Psychiatrist to walk them out from the mind control, manipulation imposed upon them by the online scammers.

      Yung, visitors on RomanceScams Blog, do not have to comply with a complete list of URLs they follow. If you are referring to the RomanceScams Blog Moderators, the URLs are printed on the Blog.

  4. Sherry, January 20. I’m a victim in a romance scam too.they tell you everything you want to hear. Then I fell in love with him all he wanted was money. This person is on hangouts nanw Alexander Richard. From California. He still was telling me he was coming to meet me. He was driving but he ran out of money in Texas.never did come.he called me telling me hes going to get a plane to come and meet me. But before he could he wanted me to pick up money from Walmart and send it to his friend in Nigeria. Then his friend was going to send money for him to get a flight to come and meet me.I finally did block him.he still trying to get in touch with me. I’m going have to change my number. When you think you found hat someone all u get is a broken heart. My heart is broken into. I really fell in love with him. I’m the biggest fool there is.

  5. You are not a fool.I’m the fool.I went through the same thing.thinking he was coming to meet me.all he wanted was money.telling me he was in California. Then when he got you to fall in love with him, he wanted to pick up money from Walmart and send it to Nigeria. Didn’t do it.I asked him why couldn’t he just send the money himself.said he told his friend his wife would pick up and turn around and send it to him in Nigeria. This person is name Alexander Richard said he used to be in the military and some ammunition came up missing he spent time in jail and paying the government back.he did called me some but mainly wanted to chat on hangouts. If any one is on hangouts please be careful. .there’s another one on there name Jerry Howard. Hes aldi a scammer believed they may be the same person.

  6. Susan says:

    Hi, my name is Susan from South Africa. I am 53 years old. Have long blond hair and blue eyes. Friendly and a loving person with a great soft heart.
    I met Ryan Irnatene ,27 years of age via messenger on Fb, about 6 months ago. We started to chat and that broke my marraige of 31 years. I was glad at that time because I had an emotional abuse marraige that i struggled to come out for many years. So felt nearly relieved.
    In the proses I lost my 3 daughters s respect and they push me aside now because I am so in love that my ears are closed to there warnings. Inside me I know I must GET OUT BUT DONT KNOW HOW. I LOVE HIM and never felt so loved in my life. No one looked at me and said WOW like Ryan does. PLEASEEEEE IM FEEL AS IF IM LOOSING MY LIFE AND MY CHILDREN. WISH I could find ou If he is really a scam artist. I have many phone numbers that he use to call me. HOW CAN I FIND OUT WHAT HE REALLY IS. HE RESIDE IN ALGERIA. Met his mom already. He want to come to me the end of Januarie. PLEASE HELP ME. I FEEL ITS A SCAM BUT HOW WILL I MAKE IT. THIS TENTION IS KILLING ME AND MY KIDS FEAR FOR THERE SAFETY. It will make it so much easier if I hear that hes not real. We SKYPE every night for 2-3 hours. PLEASE GOD LET ME GET HELP . IM LOOSING EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE AND DONT KNOW HOW TO GET OUT. TELK ME HOWWW PLEASEEEE. GOD BLESS. Susan

    • Betty says:

      Susan, if you need to ask then that means you already have doubts. Listen to your daughters and drop him. He is a scammer.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Susan, you can take the personal information and the supposed scammer photo to the Algeria Embassy and ask if that is a real person or someone using the internet to contact targeted victims for a 419 Advance Fee Financial Fraud. That way you will get correct information regarding if Ryan Irnatene is real or not. Other than that please read on this Blog information how to break away and heal from encountering emotional, mental, psychological abuse, caused by online scammers who will never appear to meet you in person. There may be the possibility the scammer will shift to a Green Card Marriage Scam, where the victim must sign to be the financial sponsor for the green card petitioner; which the scammer will leave the green card sponsor high and dry of all means for financial gain. Please take several deep breaths, exhale, and work your healing journey at your own pace, so you can learn to let go of the scam, the scammer, the devastation.

  7. Trust No One says:

    I had 3 yr relationship with a man from Mumbai India. We met on a gaming site. I flew to meet him. He has manipulated me now threatens to put online my passport info name address unless i send him money monthly.his latest threat he sent my pics info to american contact my pics info will b online i will b forced to sell my home to save my ass. those are his words. Not only wants money but wants my property as well and to harm me. im not rich i live on limited income. Also the blackmailer claims to have diplomatic status. He claims anyone who attempts to impliment him will be gone. meaning killed. i dont know who the person in the usa Mumbai man sent my info and pics too. i believe both will attempt to extort me
    I was given a deadline 9/12
    tomorrow or i will pay b forced to sell all to save myself.

  8. Retta says:

    I have been talking to a man named Frederick Schaefer who claims he is a researcher in Kenya. I thought he was a nice gentleman and then he started with he needed money$4000. He then told me I was not the woman he thought I was and he didn’t want me anymore. I received a email from his sister Jennifer who claims her brother was legit. Don’t talk to him he is a fake. I am posting a picture. Ladies beware

  9. Ian Horner says:

    I’ve just put a stop to a girl from ghana asking for money for a passport to visit me. 150 dollars. Well I know the cost is around 6 dollars. Up until then photos of her & a video of her speaking to me arrived. This was all as a result of me accepting her friend request on facebook. She was supposedly an American with mixed parentage. But some of her messages were not grammatically correct. Very convincing, but I’m glad I put a stop to the contact. I would never send money or disclose my bank details. Watch out !!!

  10. David x cota says:

    Has anyone ever heard the US Ghanian embassy requires for a ghanian citizen to obtain a Visa that they must have $4,000 in their bank account before they will give them a Visa.

    • Marie says:

      Sounds like a scam to me. The stories they come up with are amazing. One wanted money so his son could stay in school in Florida. I said I had a better idea, I’d go get the son and he could stay with me and go to school here. Completely floored the guy.

  11. David W says:

    My previously faithful wife of 37 years had a very steamy emotional affair with a military romance scammer that lasted five months. He was “my love”, she was “babe” and “honey” She had all the symptoms of someone who is in love with two people and might leave her husband according to the quiz on the “Truth About Deception” affair site. She broke off the affair when I broke into her chat room and discovered her saying she couldn’t wait to have him make love to her. They arranged to meet for a steamy weekend where he would repay the three grand in credit card advances she had sent him so he could come home on leave and be together. I told her she was being scammed, asked her to leave, I had to go to the emergency room from the shock with a mild heart attack. We are trying to reconcile. She claims she always loved me, had no intentions of leaving me. It was quite a shock. We were having sex daily, she was telling me 200 times a day she loved me. I thought we were great. Our relationship was fine before the affair began, I am mystified by this. The romance scam support forum says we are both victims that she was on Facebook not a dating site and was brainwashed into this. The infidelity site says she is a wayward. What to believe?

    • Don says:

      I understand completely
      My wife lost 65 thousand on a romance scam
      She of course blamed me for everything
      We are now divorced
      I lost everything
      My beautiful home my dogs everything I worked hard for
      She took what she could and moved out of state

  12. RomanceScams says:

    ….and support each other. No judgement, no criticism.

  13. Silvia Ortiz says:

    Ok Cupid site
    An english man from Nairobi kenia asked for money saying that his credit card is not working.
    Explained me that lived in Rio (false information) and asked money by western union.
    I asked someone from ok Cupid to enter in contact with me but nobody did so far

    • RomanceScams says:

      Silvia, did you take your conversations off of OK Cupid and use a different means of communication after your initial contact with him? If so, OK Cupid won’t do anything, even though you met on their site. If you stayed on their site they should have a way for you to block this person, who is definitely a scammer, and also report him (There might be a form). Anytime someone you have not met in person asks for money, it is a scam. This is true even if you feel you have developed a close, trusting relationship. The best thing you can do is stop all communication with him – do not tell him you know he is a scammer. This will give you more trouble than the satisfaction of telling him you know what he is up to.

      • Silvia ortiz says:

        I have his telephone number (he asked comunication by what’s app), I blocked him, it is a number from U.K., there is some way I can denounce his telephone number to someone ? I blocked him on the OkCupid site so it is why I cannot report him to the site, he is still there probably deceiving other Brazilian women.
        Tks for your reply I feel ashamed to share so many information of my life

      • RomanceScams says:

        Please try not to feel ashamed Silvia. We all feel that way at first but when we learn the ways of these criminals we understand more about how they were able to deceive us. They are experts at social profiling, learning our likes, dislikes, relationships, jobs and more, all under the guise of being so interested in us, of falling in love with us. They can seem to be tender, caring, sincere. They use a light form of hypnosis to condition us to anticipate their next email, text or phone call. All of this happens without causing suspicion before they ask for money. Often the first request for money is an iTunes gift card. If the victim agrees to that the scammers will soon have an emergency, some situation that only we can help with by sending money.

        The telepnone number the scammer seemed to be calling from is a “spoofed number”. There are ways to call through the Internet that allow the caller to choose whatever number they want to display in your caller I.D. There are also services in the U.K. that people can use to seem to be calling from the U.K. You can see that on this link: https://www.fakemyphone.co.uk/ (safe link) So, it doesn’t help to denounce that phone number because it is fake, just like the name and the photos and the whole persona they create got you. This is why it is so difficult to catch these criminals. We have no information about them that is true.

      • Silvia Ortiz Cetale says:

        thank you, I am still shoked, but I will move on.

      • RomanceScams says:

        I understand feeling shocked. I remember it well. And you can, you will move on. Anytime you need support or information, join us in the Yaho email support group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams. It is a safe, non-judgmental place to share. Everyone there has been scammed. We understand each other a

  14. Annamaria Mason says:

    The western union address and person I sent the money to are based and living in North Carolina, I believe the messages that they emailed to me were written by someone who could speak English well (in a conversational way). In addition, they used a lot of words and phrases that an American would use.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Most of the time the person who asks for the money wants it sent to a third party who is likely to be a victim themself. It’s the way they launder money. In addition, anyone can pick up the money from Western Union as long as they have the transaction number. Have you reported this person to Western Union? The name used is false, but reporting it may keep it from being used in this way next time.

    • Jean says:

      Mine was from Canada, but kept using odd phrases, and said English the mother tongue, no english-speaking Canadian or American says that. And after handing me over to another on viber (I’m pretty sure at least 2) no more pics and different tone, needed money in Turkey. My last text after getting $500 back (Thank you Moneygram) was Hope you are enjoying your Istanbul vacation. I was so duped. Months later, just starting to get over anger, and wanting revenge or at least justice, but have to let go or it will eat you up inside. Peace to all of us in this hard lesson learned

  15. Annamaria Mason says:

    I was scammed recently by someone pretending to be in the US military. I’ve been in an abusive marriage, so I think my lack of confidence made me vulnerable to exploitation. I gave 550 sterling to some ass!, but what is more upsetting, is that I felt the need to do that in order to deserve their attention. You live and learn!

    • RomanceScams says:

      Annamarie, there are many scammers who speak good English. If they are from Nigeria or Ghana, British English. They watch American TV, especially soap operas, in order to learn American expressions and romantic relationships. Also, many scammers have an advanced education, college degrees, even a Master’s degree. There are few jobs for them and they do not pay a very good wage, so they turn to scamming where they can earn the equivalent of many years of pay all in one day!

      Sending money can be a matter of trust that the scammers cultivate in their victims. Victims are good people, caring and generous. Scammers take advantage of that. We fall in love, want to help, believe them when they say we will be paid back. We are not foolish or needy. We simply want someone to share our lives with, to love and be loved. We fall under the spell of scammers because they use social profiling and a light form of hypnosis, brainwashing and conditioning. If we had known there was such a thing as a romance scam, we would have recognized it very quickly.

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