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  1. Jean Paul says:

    I met a scammer who went by Morgan Daniels. He also went by, Anthony Morgan, and Joshua Morgan . Before I saw all his pictures on other sites, he had informed me months prior his pictures were stolen. I have been finding them on scam s

    • RomanceScams says:

      I’m sure his pictures were stolen, only they were stolen by him from someone else. The names he used fit a scammer pattern too; they could all be first or last names, easily interchanged. Hopefully you have blocked all contact. It is dangerous to keep communicating with scammers once they know you have figured out what they are.

    • B. Smith's says:

      My scammer went by the same name. Same story. I thought he was a scammer earlier on. We communicated​ until a couple of weeks ago. His story, he needs 11k or he is going to jail in Dubai. I had already lost money to him. He is blocked now. I’m not ashamed just feel stupid. We were intimate and I have no idea who he even is. That hurt the worst. He is good.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Bobbie, the intimacy is quite common. And a good percentage of scammers are very skilled at what the are doing. I was completely convinced that I was loved and that I loved him back. Amazing how you can go from a state of great happiness and love to one of shock, despair, anger and depression.

  2. Empress says:

    I just checked picture of scammers in pig busters I found out the picture of Oscar Morgan who used to scammed me is the same with the name Daniel Williams.beware ladies…thank God I did not give anything to him…

  3. RomanceScams says:

    The biggest fool, You are not stupid.These criminals are experts at this. They use hypnosis and psychological profiling to brainwash the victim so they will do things they other wise would not do. You are the victim of a crime. That does NOT make you stupid. You had no way of knowing.

    now for ”getting him back”, give up that thought. You have nothing on him. the picture is stolen anda the name is fake and the location is wrong. This is a west African scammer and there are approximately 8 million of them out there and you could not pick yours out of a line up because you have no idea what he looks like.

    What you need to do is delete, remove, block and ignore and take back your control. The longer you chase after shadows, you are giving away minutes of your life you can never get back. The best revenge is silence. They hate silence. So take your life back and quit chasing theirs. Hugs

  4. This is the Soldier that was used to scam me, wow, I just now went to Pigbusters, and they had so much written on him, omg, omg, pleasssssseeeeee do not answer this man, wow, I am so, so stupid, but he won’t get away with it, I am doing all that I can to get him, I have pictures of NURUDEEN SALIFU, NURUDEEN YUSIFU. He went by Sgt. David Fox Dickey, and I found out so much today, wow, I am in shock, my heart is racing, but he messed with the wrong women, I still in some weird way love him still, the pictures only now, but I have reported him, NURUDEEN, BEWARE OF NURUDEEN SALIFU, NURUDEEN YUSIFU. Why did I not go to this last year, whyyy……OMGGGG….

  5. sara says:


  6. teresa burton says:


    • PC says:

      I almost fell for a Stephen Koch on C.M he was reported and He did ask for money states He is from Fort Wayne Indiana, Boy is he a real charmer, Civil Engineer. No money sent thou and I haven’t heard from him since.

      • Val says:

        Can anyone plz tell me more about this guy? Stephen Koch, Fort Wayne, IN, real charmer, Civil Engineer …sounds like him.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Val, there is an real person by that name listed in Fort Wayne Indiana, but he died a few years ago. I would need to know more about him, how you connected with him, etc. but I have to tell you that I strongly suspect this is a scam. Using the name, perhaps even photos of a deceased person, a career as a civil engineer, and the fact that some nagging doubt or red flag has brought you to this blog all add up to romance scam. You can share more with me here, or join our yahoo group where you will find out more about these scams, receive understanding support, learn how to identify and report scammers and start healing from the emotional upheaval these scams cause their victims. Just go to this safe link to join:

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