The Untold Story

Over the recent years romance scams have got more prevalent on the internet. The scam differs from the 419 Nigerian Scams that are known in society as the “get rich scam”. This type of scam is more personal because there are no financial gains for the victim as in the 419 scams. Although dating sites are easily assessable by allowing singles to meet in a geographic area, online daters are at risk of becoming victims of romance scams because individuals are unaware of these scams, the inability to spot the red flags in dating profiles and also their lack of online safety practices.



The romance scammers originate from Nigeria are a well organized group of males reading from successful tested scripts who work in cafes or warehouses. Anna Alden- Tirrill confirms the romance scam organization is running a 20 billion a year business and also they have been associated with terrorist cells.

Dating sites is offering a service to individuals where they can be matched with others around the world or locally. Most dating sites claim they have complete annuity in regards to offering profile options as not in disclosing your real name, email address, your location, also by offering a delete/ignore button. The sites are inexpensive to participate and they advertise healthy, attractive individual success stories. A few dating site over the past couple years has added a clause about online scammers and claim no responsibility regarding profiles posted. Dating sites is disinterested in removing a scammer profile or offering the member assistance when a scam occurs. The bottom line is profit.


Unsuspecting individuals who are contacted over the internet through dating sites by these scammers are from all walks of life. Profiles on dating sites can be attractive, informative, interesting and the biggest misconception individuals have are what you see in the profile are true facts. Scammer profiles can be difficult to spot unless you know what red flags to look for. Users have an ideal person they are looking for whether it’s an attractive individual, common interest, common geographic location, friends and hobbies.


The Common Scammer Red Flags

  • Profile picture looks professionally done
  • Height/weight is not proportional -e.g. 6’ and 95 lbs
  • Claim to be Native American or some other ethnicity when the photo is Caucasian
  • Claim to be older/younger than the photo looks
  • Grammar is not consistent with how Americans speak, French speak etc.
  • Profile seems cut and pasted
  • Spelling is atrocious, they are notorious for using “i” instead of “I”
  • Their full name is two first names – John Michele, Florence Francis, Shawn David
  • They typically claim to be from the US (or your local region) but they are overseas, or going overseas mainly to Nigeria, sometimes the UK for business or family matters
  • A majority of them claim to have lost a spouse/child/parent in a horrific traffic accident or airplane accident or any of the above are sick or in the hospital
  • The details they give you in email/IM are often different that what was stated in the profile
  • Their profile seems to disappear off the website immediately after conversation begin

Scammers can be clever with their words, usually the text of the message is cut and pasted or they can be sloppy in their text as the email below shows. The email is an example of “scammer grammar” the misspelled words, and the short abbreviations of words.

Example Scammer First Contact Email

I would really love to know as much as i can about you.
Well i think i have to tell you more about myself.I’m
mixed,dad from
Belgium while mum from USA.I was born
and grew up in
Belgium before i move to the states.I’m
an civil engineerwell am in
Nigeria now working on a
contract but i will going back to the statessoon.
I dont have children, though i was married but i lost
my wife on a car accidnt
I also attach couple of my
photos on this email i hope you like them.I would also
want you to send me some photos
I really like your
profile and it was nice.I have never done this before also

Have a nice and great day. Hope to hear from you soon



Scammers will pose under the disguise of beautiful pictures as either male or female claiming to be from the United States. The scammer weaves a story of a successful business person working over seas, having no family; they present themselves as a thoughtful, caring and loving individual who is looking for their soul mate. The scammers are good at what they do; they ask lots of questions of the victim regarding what they want in their lives. The scammer then takes the information and turns it into a dream that becomes a reality to the victim. Once they have established a relationship then the scamming begins. In all cases the plea for finical assistance is the key to the scam. This can be for assistance in cashing a check that they are unable to cash themselves and also asking for financial assistance to help them out of a difficulty they are having.


The victim then feels a need to help the one they love either they send money or deposit checks in their bank accounts. The scam continues until the bank discovers the checks as frauds or the victim realizes they have been deceived. The scammer will then attempt to sweet talk the victim, turn it around on the victim saying “how can you not trust me” or threaten the victims’ life. Romance scams touch many online users in tragic ways such as victims being arrested and prosecuted; but also many have lost their jobs, homes, vehicles, and life savings.


Online users think this will not happen to them and their conceptions are that they are not stupid enough to fall for it. They believe only the over weight, low self esteem, and uneducated fall for these types of scams. Most individuals do not understand the physiological aspect of these scams, how the scammers are educated and trained to do them. Barb Sluppick owner of the Romance Scams Organization and leading expert in the Nigerian romance scams, points out the Romance Scams Organization has assisted close to 27,000 on line users in little over two years, the scams have affected thousands of people and they have helped individuals
from all walks of life in recovering from being scammed.

What can also be easily taught and needs to be taught to online users are the safety steps to take when on the internet. With the increase in dating sites, social sites and blog sites the internet user opens their self up to be targeted not only by a scammer but also risk identity theft. Individuals are less cautious on the internet because they feel safe in their own homes. Users will in a matter of short conversations give their name, location, birth date, what they do for a living, their children names, what car they drive, will post their pictures; use their full name in emails, blog about their needs and desires whether they intend to be public about it or not and never realize they gave detailed facts about their lives.


These unsafe practices do not occur in the public work place, shopping mall or bar, because individuals are more cautious in face to face contacts. With continual personal information given freely which leads to the risk of being targeted for Identity theft? Annie McGuire from Fraudaid an organization that works with fraud victims acknowledges that a scammer will take the information given to them and will do the following in the victims name; open a credit card, access banking accounts, open an online business, and wreak havoc on the victim’s life.



Romance scammers continual pursuit of online users will remain as long as individuals have the illusion of safety and security online. The only way for online users to be safe is to accept the dangers that are among us and proceed with caution.




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  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

  2. RomanceScams says:

    Stefanie, When ever you are contacted by an online scammer, please immediately report the profile to the administration contact so they can remove scammers from their membership; before innocent members fall victims to online scammers. Facebook has a lot of romance scam reporting groups in their membership where victims can post the stolen photos, scammers use to commit financial fraud, scams, blackmail, extortion; when targeted victims do not “comply” to scammer request for money.
    The phone numbers are not legitimate phone numbers. The numbers are from services like BROADBAND.COM LLC, CLEC/VoIP, and scammers also use free disposable phone numbers found by googling Free Phone Numbers; the list is for both free and paid subscriptions for international phone numbers.
    We also suggest to victims to, BLOCK, DELETE, REMOVE, REPORT & IGNORE suspected online scammers. Clear all their data collected and saved in your contact list, address book, etc. Prevention, intervention is the key to stop further scammer contact.

  3. Gibbs Kenneth says:

    I’m writing here cuz I need advice. I’m from a small town in Michigan and I’m married for 14 years. My wife a week ago started talking to someone that claims to be a celebrity. She said it started by talking on twitter and it’s went to texting. Now this celebrity is big time famous and to my knowledge has not actually called just texted. Also I have information he gave her a website for a foundation to send money to and asked her to buy him a new phone which she also did. Now is this a scam or is it really the guy. I am almost completely sure it’s a scam.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Gibbs, It is a scam. Celebrities have more than enough money to purchase their own communication devices. Scammers use any photos found on the internet to use for online financial scams. Please report this cyber-crime to your local police and use the “419 Advance Fee Financial Fraud in your police report. It is more creditable than stating ‘romance scam’ as most LE agencies will deny to file the report. 419 is a Nigerian Penal Code for this type of known cyber-crime. Ask your police department to pay a friendly visit to your wife, so the scam is creditable hearing it from LE authority.

      You can visit; for International reporting resources, since this involves cross border cyber-crime. First, view the Tutorial Video to learn how to navigate their pages and resources for help.

  4. elizabeth says:

    I would like to know what to do with these feelings that I have for a ghost….I see he has taken on a new persona. Still using the same name but, prior to this he was on another page. ( F.B) Another guy… using the same name… different pic, different story has been wiped out( i talked to him too, but he claimed to be married blah blah blah.) Now …. my guy… his picture and stuff is on a new page… with the message that I wrote to the other guy…. WTF? So I assume that this guys’ picture is not real right? That some real guy somewhere has gotten his pics stolen and has no idea that he is being mis represented?

    His name is Mcginley Dalfina…. handsome and extremely dangerous.

  5. Wendy Kiloh says:

    I was recently scammed. He contacted me via an online dating site and almost immediately wanted to contact me via watsap, I still responded to him that i was quite comfortable but gave it to him anyway. He said the most amazing things, he seemed caring, sent me romantic songs and beautiful quotes and it just felt amazing after having been alone for so long. He claimed to be from SA working at Shetland on an oil rig. As the “project” was about to end he asked if he could send me some tools that he bought, I agreed and it wasn’t long before I received a customs tax invoice which he convinced me to pay saying he would refund me. Then when the boxes were going through customs they found money in the box, its just been an emotional roller coaster ride as he continued to ask for money in between being angry and then amazing again, blocking and unblocking me on watsap as he sees fit. I know that I should break contact with him but I have been trying to maintain the relationship with the hope, and as I type this I realise its stupid, of getting my money back…..In between all the drama I have collected emails, photos, cell numbers etc. but I haven’t really been sure how to proceed, I know I should go to the police but I can just imagine what they are going to think of me I just feel so humiliated and so so stupid. I’ve spend so much time crying, I really couldn’t afford to loose that money. But after he blocked me again today I just got thinking, I want to catch him, i wanted to get even and I need to stop feeling sorry for myself. I don’t really know where to from here, I guess with time I will be okay but I’m still alone…
    But something did come to mind today, when he initially contacted me I went on social media to try and look him up only to find that he didn’t have any accounts anywhere, that is until today, lol.
    I have created a facebook account for him (Darrin Brandon aka Warren Smith) with photos he sent me. I am going to add the invoice and all the emails, bank details etc. I hope that like me other woman will go online to look him up and boy are they in for a surprise. Wish I could see his face when he finds out about the account. If it gets deleted I will just keep creating an account.
    What I’ve realised is online dating is not safe, if you go that route you have to be so extremely careful. Preferably one should go out with friends or colleagues to meet someone

    • Lara says:

      Hi Wendy

      First of all, I am very sorry that this happened to you. I am not a page admin of this post or anything I am just one of you who found this website after I was scammed the same. I think you have passed the initial shock stage of finding out that you were scammed and now filled by angers towards the scammers and scams. Or the shock lasts long if you were in love with ‘him’. For my case I never fell for ‘him’ then people wonder why I sent my money, well, all I can say is because I was under the witch spell? I think you know what I mean, when all ‘that’ is gone you realise “WTF did just happen to me???”. That is indeed called being scammed. It happens under the environment where you are not being rational.

      Sounds like you are being hesitant to reporting to the police but please please please do so particularly that you have a desire, anger, to catch ‘him’ (it is actually ‘them’ as I think you were scammed by a group of criminal syndicate) because first of all, No you don’t look stupid to the police. Police are professionals who handle victims everyday. Imagine a surgeon, for you the operation is your big day you are nervous but surgeons are not. It is their everyday operation like you and I in the office handling emails everyday. Same, police see victims from all kids of crimes everyday. Police who called me in and filed my case were indeed very professional. They couldn’t do anything other than tracing the emails to Indonesia and Nigeria but still they HAVE my case. Authority does not commit to any actions unless cases are built up. Romance scam will stay small crimes if no one reports. And it is not just a Romance Scam but phone scams and internet scams are part of the same group of scams and it is becoming bigger and bigger in the world everyday. Why do we know? Because victims report it to the authority. Let them know what’s going on so that the government can hopefully in the future allocate the budget or even change the law to rule it out.

      Small step but necessary.
      (Reporting is not to get your money back, your money is gone and will not return unfortunately…)

      As for the Facebook page, I just checked it. The photo you used for the profile, is that the photo you received from your scammer(s)? If so then that means you dont know the real identity of that person on the photo, correct? Then your page will give a false impression that the guy on the photo is indeed a scammer. Let me know I can guide you for how you can amend the content.

      At the same time, google “romance scam” and you will find many websites where you can report all the information about the scammer(s) you encountered including the submission of photos, email address and phone number. You need to submit all these. (Your FB page doesn’t have any of these information for soon-to-be-victims to look up)

      Again, sorry this happened to you and you are being brave to do something about it to warn others.


      • Wendy Kiloh says:

        Hi Lara,

        Thank you. I do have cell numbers, emails, websites even. I was holding back as I was afraid that if I post it he might change his numbers then I won’t ever find him but you’re right I will add them.

        Did you report case to South African Police?

        I don’t know it just seems like such a lost cause, I don’t have his SA ID and the passport he sent me is probably fake……

        But any suggestions you have to improve site and help others will be greatly appreciated. Just before he blocked me he confirmed that he was busy with someone new and there is no way to warn her….
        Take Care

      • RomanceScams says:

        Wendy, you won’t ever find him. Absolutely all the information you have is false. We report so that law enforcement will realize how widespread this type of scam is becoming. Also they can gather information from hundreds of scams and sometimes find the group of scammers. As far as war I g someone new, entirely different information and photos may be used than what you saw. It is difficult to accept, I know. The best thing you can do is start to concentrate on yourself, on taking care of you.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Wendy, you are playing a very dangerous game, one you cannot win, one that can cause you even more anguish than you have already been through. I am advising you to delete everything you posted on Facebook. Also, immediately block all ways that you communicated. Do not talk or text or email this made up person again, no matter how great the temptation. Delete your WhatsApp program. If you still have your conversations there save them to a separate file.
      You have not been scammed by one man. Behind the fake name and stolen or photoshopped pictures is a group of men working together to get your money. They are supervised by a boss. They most likely live in Nigeria or Ghana. Phone numbers are spoofed. They do not indicate where the calls actually originated. So one guy will do emails, another talk to you on the phone. Another sends the love poetry (stolen from Internet sites) and yet another sends the music.

      Why is it dangerous to try to get even with these scammers? One reason is that they have ties to International terrorist organizations and crime syndicates. They are not just some guys playing around. When scammers are accused or “played with” they get angry and nasty. They know how to use all the latest technology to upload malware and viruses to your equipment that will not be detected by any anti-virus programs. They install keystroke monitoring programs that send them screenshots of everything you type – your contacts, your passwords, your financial accounts, etc. many people have had their laptops, tablets and phones destroyed beyond repair. In addition, you may receive threats to kill you or with blackmail. These are less likely to occur, but you will feel the fear of not really knowing what will happen. There are an estimated 8 million scammers. None of the information you have is true.
      Please, for your own safety, take this information and advice seriously.

      You also need to report this crime to your local law enforcement agency. Go to and follow the directions to report to the FBI. Go to for information on how to compile a report. There is a lot of information on that site. Reporting will empower you more than efforts to get even ever can.

      Be safe!

    • Lara says:

      Hi Wendy

      I would say you should disclose phone number, email address, photos the scammers used with details of where you met ‘his’ profile and what handle name ‘he’ was using on which dating site online. If you don’t know where then you may look into this one I use:

      But I agree with RomanceScams’s advice above about the FB page. It should be taken down if you don’t know how to properly handle and this is to avoid you getting into further trouble – for including the reasons RoamceScams mentioned above.

      As for phone number, yes many do use spoof ones but my scammers had a local number and that’s how I could trace them back to 2012 for the posts from website. They changed all the profile but the phone number. Since 2012 they used numerous profiles with numerous photos and names but never changed the phone number. What I know about them now is that there are few guys operating on the ground (locally where I live) and in Indonesia and in Nigeria. So you can see it is a huge global criminal syndicate and I think yours is the same. Not sure if the number they gave you a local one or the spoof (spoof ones, anyone can create fake number using online). If they use local one they don’t give it up too soon so there could a chance that soon-to-be-victims could look up online to find your info then stop getting scammed. That happened to me few times. Few girls found my post and thanked me for posting it. But if it was a spoof, the chance is zero. This you can also post on the website-above, admins can respond you for how your scammers created the number – if that was a spoof.

      To answer to your question, no not to the South African police. Are you saying South Africa because it is where you live or it is where you sent your money to? I live in Asia and I sent money to London. I reported this case to my local city police (went to their HQ to file the case) and reported the fraud online for London authority but this was done online and it was the only way for me to report to London side.

      I sent money via MoneyGram to London but who knows if the money really went to London or not. I heard all sorts of things about how WesternUnion and MoneyGram operate and the money could have been received in Congo or Nigeria or anywhere in the world – due to many factors for example the corruption amongst officers inside MoneyGram.

      All the documents, names, IDs anything your scammer(s) used to you are fake. This leaves no way for even authorities to catch them. But if they continue to use fake information, to some degree, you may (I am only indicating a possibility) be able to warn others and that’s sadly pretty much the only thing you can do about them.

      Recovery from being scammed does not come from revenge. It is to know that you and I are on the lucky side of the world where we get to live under the sunshine with no guilt or shame or sin. Scammers have no empathy, no love, no real anything what-so-ever in this world. Dirty parasites but we were born differently, we are born with beautiful souls and these very important thing is intact with us. Falling is part of our life but coming back up is living.

      Hope you will soon stop looking back but start living forwards.
      Sending lots of love. 🙂

    • Lara says:

      One more thing.

      >>>>>>Just before he blocked me he confirmed that he was busy with someone new and there is no way to warn her….

      Please don’t confront the scammer(s) that will only educate them to scam better next time. When you tell them “I know you are a scammer because…” then they will learn how they failed and improve for the next victim. Now that they blocked you I assume you are not contacting them but if they ever do come back, just block them with no words given.

      They will also plant a malware to your mobile via Whatsapp to steel your personal information.


  6. Brenda Castle says:

    I met “Brian” through FB. I was wary when I noticed there was only one picture and no posts. When I asked about this, he said he was just now looking to start dating after having gone through a two year period after his divorce. He had been married 25 years and his wife cheated on him with his best friend.
    He told me his name was Brian Lukas and he lived in Houston and had his own business. I tried looking up his company but couldn’t come up with anything. I did find that he cellphone was registered there so I thought maybe he was telling the truth.
    We started texting a little bit and he would text late into the night and early in the morning. I asked him if he ever slept and he said when he was tired. He even called me one morning and had said he was Austrian and that accounted for his thick accent. It was a short conversation and then we went back to texting.
    This continued for a month when he told me he needed my help. I asked for what and he said to send a card. I was thinking a birthday card and he tells me its for iTunes. I asked why and he said he didn’t have access to one there. Really? Red flag. After that I deleted him from my FB and blocked his number. Oh, and we did email some. His email is I asked why the name was different and he said he used his friend’s email sometimes. What?
    Be aware ladies!

    • RomanceScams says:

      You did the right thing, Brenda! Finding that his cellphone was register in Houston is useless because scammers use technology,via the Internet to spoof phone numbers’ they can make a number appear to be from anyplace they choose. Email searches usually lead to a dead end because most searches just lead you to the location of the provider, not the individual. If you have the complete header of an email, there is software that can do a more detailed search, at least showing you the part of the world where the email originated. He is probably in Nigeria which is 8 hours ahead of Central time, so he was not talking to you late at night in his own time zone. ANigerians speak “British English” but they often have a strong regional accent; they will usually have an excuse for that, such as having grown up or spent a lot of time in another country. The request for an itunes card is a way for scammers to find out if the victim is “hooked” yet, in other words, believing they are talking to a real person and developing strong feelings for that illusion.

      Please consider reporting this scam on the website. If you have photos, you can upload them to our database according to the instructions shown. You didn’t lose money, but you still can report this to your local law enforcement as Internet fraud. If you would like further information than what is available on the web site, please join our support group at the address shown on the web page.

  7. LaraC says:

    Narrelle, are you really believing this story?

  8. Jay Boro says:

    I think most American ladies are innocent so does most of the scams happen with the Americans. I’m an Indian and I see in the forums that Americans are scammed through various means (other than romance or dating sites).. Be safe fellas!

    • RomanceScams says:

      In our support group we have people of many different nationalities who have been scammed. Being scammed has nothing to do with innocence or intelligence or financial status or nationality. All that it takes to become a victim is not knowing that Romance scams exist. You are correct that in saying that scammers are making contact in almost every imaginable type of Internet site. It is important to be able to recognize the signs of scammers in order to say safe.

    • LaraC says:

      It has nothing to do with innocence many professionals (like my self) are being scammed. It’s nothing to do with educational or the level of income either. Many old people are TARGETED because they have more money than young girls. Maybe it looks like Americans are scammed more than other nationalities to you because Americans are the largest English speaking population in the world. Global criminals (scammers) target those who speak global language, English. When you do a math, then you get the answer. It’s to do with denominator. 🙂

      African scammers tend to target the women & men in western countries, but places such as Hong Kong and Singapore where you have similar demographics in language capabilities (English speaking) and income level are targets too. You don’t hear for example African scammers in Japan because Japanese women don’t speak English, but they have all sorts of domestic scams taking places. (Phone scams called “Ore Ore Sagi” are the biggest) You don’t hear African scams in Nepal either because their income level is low so they are not African’s target but again, domestic scams are taking places, kids are human trafficked everyday by the means of scams (to mostly India).

      Scams existed since the advent of human intelligence. It is one of the oldest crime in our human society though the tactic using CYBER space is new. They change forms and just like viruses they keep surviving.

  9. RomanceScams says:

    Pavlina and Narelle, you both need to reread what Lara C has written today. She is exactly right. If you continue with your concerns about these scammers, if you continue to believe that these particular men you have been in contact with are actually who they say they are, you will never be free to really live your own lives. Why do you want someone you have never even met? Because they convince you that they have what you want; love and a wonderful future. They seem to be smart, successful, good looking and best of all, they accept you exactly as you are. This is what we need to do instead – love and accept ourselves. Have you heard the expression, “looking for love in all the wrong places”? It is exactly what you are doing. We cannot truly offer love to others until we love ourselves. If we can’t reach that place of acceptance, it is time to seek counseling. Do not continue this obsession, this addiction. You are placing your well being and personal safety at risk.

    I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but it is so important that you understand. There are an estimated 8 million scammers out there. Not one of them is the person they say they are. Stop all contact immediately. Do not leave them with any means of contacting you. If you have to change your phone number and email and social media identity, do it! Be strong – do it today! Do not look at those pictures that are stolen from other people who do not know you and who do not want to know you. Separate the image in the photo from the words you have read or heard; there is no connection between them. The words are all lies. Work on taking your life back. It isn’t easy, it hurts, it takes time.

    If someone broke into your home and ruined things, stole your possessions, but left a photo of himself and left you love notes, would you continue to leave the door open every day when you went to work? Hoping that someday he would come when you happened to be at home? I think you would call the police!

  10. you did not give me the information I requested from you in my email this morning

    yes wanting more advice

    • LaraC says:


      Have you done any of YOUR home work darling? YOUR home work YOU need to do on YOUR side RIGHT NOW is that you Google Romance Scam, Fee Scam and read the other victims report to UNDERSTAND that you are the same victim.

      There ate tens of thousands of people everyday like your self being scammed for money and more.

      You don’t seem to understand that. Or do you? And if you do would you like to share your feeling for why you still want to deal with the scammers? Is it because you are lonely? Is it because scammers are the only ones who you can talk to in your daily life?

      Until YOU answer first do NOT advance any communication with this scammer called Todd. Hold on.

    • LaraC says:

      BTW Narelle, his name is not Todd. It is not even “he” it is “they” and their name is Todd today, tomorrow Michael, day after tomorrow David. Todd is a global criminal syndicate working from Malaysia or Nigeria or other western African countries. Maybe Russia. Does it matter to you which of these countries they are from? What advice are you looking for about these criminals? They are probably in their 20s and 30s, could be talking to you from cyber cafe from Nigeria or from their mobiles from Malaysia. They are educated and know how to trick you thinking they are one real person and using this persona online to pretend he loves you so that you send them money or you get used to help them do money laundering.

      Does it matter to you their real names? Their real identify and how does anyone suppose to find about identity of criminals who are proffesional at hiding it? Police can’t.

  11. you did not give me the information I requested from you in my email this morning

  12. Narelle Christian says:

    I know that I have told you about todd anderson before regarding Money which he said he understood and apologize for asking I’m still friends with him and just last week he got word from solicitor that he had a very large amount of money left to him and it is large.he wants me to be the beneficiary of the money the national Bank has been in touch with me and sent me form to fill out with Bank account details and copy of my license and then they will transfer the money please give advice please I haven’t filled out anything dale todd anderson will try and send photo will wait for your advice

    • RomanceScams says:

      Narelle, don’t do any of the requested actions. It will lead you deep into trouble

      • RomanceScams says:

        Narelle, this is a change to an advanced fee.scam. Blended with a romance scam it can be very tempting because of the amounts of money talked about. Please, please block him and don’t look back. Don’t say another word to him. I know it is difficult, but you need to look out for yourself. If you involve yourself any further you can be in danger of going from a scam victim to a scam participant! No matte what is said, how kindly he apologizes, how he pleads for your trust, this is absolutely a scam. The name and photos used will not help to stop him or arrest him because, just like everything else said to you, they are lies with no connection to the actual acammers hiding behind them. They change names and photos as often as we change our undies! I seem to remember that this is not the first scam that has tried to trap you. If that is so, the contact you have with this person may be worked by that same group of scammers. Or it may be another group that bought your information from the first scammers. Either way, it is big trouble. End it right now!

  13. Ronald says:

    This does indeed happen. I am overweight and have low self esteem. that it made me open my eyes to that type of business with terrorist connections made me block their messages. should I delete the conversation and forget about it? No I do not. Will this be the end of it? and how do I get recovery?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Ronald, you do need to block every communication method that you used to connect with the scammer. Make copies of all correspondence that you have, or save them to a USB drive. You will need to have them to file reports, but they should not be where you see them whenever you use your electronic devices. Scammers will give victims a cooling off period, then try to start contact again. Or your information may be sold to other scammers to use. So be vigilant, review all the signs that signal a scammer. Are you speaking of recovering your money? Because, sadly it is gone and will not be returned. If you are talking about emotional recovery, please join our email group at (Safe link) Share as much of your story as you are comfortable doing. You will be answered by peer counselors and other scam victims. No one will judge you because we have all been through this.

    • thank you for you advice

      • LaraC says:

        Dear Narelle

        I want you to undetsrand the situation you are in right now. Take a deep breath and think twice. Have you met anyone in your real life (not online where everyone can pretend to be anyone) asking the same thing? Besides you feel they are not even asking you feel they are demanding don’t you? That is very typical of their (scammers) attitude they “demand” you to do most impossible things in the style of BEGGING using words PLEASE. They DEMAND you to “Please help me” “You are the only person” “I love you” “Will you do this for me”. Demand demand demand. And sit back, take a breath and THINK if any REAL person would demand the same impossible things like what they ask you? Your friends? Colleagues? How about your neighbours? Just THINK.

        I know you are feeling bit unreal since you started communicatinf with these scammers. TRUST your gut. That unreal feeling you have now IS real. How could this person get into such trouble one after another? Isn’t it bit unrral? Yes that doubt IS real. Why this man, who has never seen you who doesn’t ask anything about you for your life situation about your fanmily (he only asks you how uou ate doing today) ljust ike he almost never actually care anything about you could ask you such extremely personal thing as financial help? Yes that dount IS real!

        Narelle, but they ARE professional in tricking you thinking that it is you who are wrong to have such doubts. Remember they do this for their living.

        Trust me when I say this. Trust me because I am NOT asking your money. Trust me because I am not asking your bank account information. Trust me because I am not wanting anything out from you. Real person online do not ask you anythimg! Why would I? Why would I ask your money? Why would I tell you I love you and why would I ask you to love me in return, I wouldn’t because I AM a real person and all I am offering is a help so that you realise you are communicating with the scammers and that you realise about your situation you ate in and that you won’t send them money and that you won’t bankrupt!! – or worse, you go to jail by helping lander using your bank account!!

        Why do I want to help you? Because I was scammed I sent them my precious money I earned by work I hard. But after i realised i was scammed i did my homework I searched all sorts about the scammers their tactics I know about them now do I won’t get tricked and I can advise others about this. How about you? Please just don’t sit around and do nothing. You need to do learnings. Google “Romance Scam” and you will learn about this from tens of thausands of similar stories, stories that repeat everyday! Everyday because many people in this works have no clue to scams like this! Getting scammed for first time coild be unavoidable.But you don’t seem to want to end communicating with the scammers even you learned they are scammers. and still want to get in touch with them! Why is that? What information about them do you wanna know? – what “answers” do you want? Are you flying to Nigeria and try stopping them from scamming people? If so then you have a very strong sense of justice but let me tell you to Google about an Australian woman who traveled to Africa to meet her scammer(s) and was murdered by them. There is a news about it which you can watch on YouTube. Please watch.

        Please understand the situation. I don’t ask you anything else. I am not a scammer I am not your “Todd” I am not interested in your money like he does. I am just here trying g to really give you a real advice. But “advice” you asked, which is the information about “Todd” you can read about him/them, you can even find documentary videos on YouTube about who Todd (scammers operating from Malaysia, Nigeria) is. Australian TV screw raided their apartment and police arrested them. You will see who they are and there are thousands of them operating in Malaysia/Africa/Russia.

        Advice which you need is this: BLOCK ALL OF THEM RIGHT NOW before they will plant a malware into your device to steel all of your personal imformatiom because that s what they will once they find out that now you know they are scammers. – and you can also read about this online everywhere.

        Thank you,


      • Pavlina Valavanidoy says:

        Hi Lara
        You are right he was not asking about my life he was saying how is your health today hope fine
        But i justified him because he was in stress of getting the box of money in my place
        Yes i had to bring a box of money 9 million dollars
        At the begining i had no problem with the box but at the end i had the one problem after the other
        I had written to the man who had a delivering co and i was speaking to him
        It is not normal to happen all those difficulties


      • RomanceScams says:

        Narelle, Pavlina, read and re-read what Lara C has written. She is giving you great advice. The longer you focus on who th she

      • Narelle Christian says:

        dale todd says he is from michagen he has been left a large some of money of which he has asked the bank to put into my account and then he wants to relocate to australia the money is in bank account in the uk they have sent me form the bank manager said its all legall the bank is the credit union please advise dale todd anderson i will try to send you photo please advise

        On Sun, May 14, 2017 at 12:13 AM, Romance Scams Blog wrote:

        > LaraC commented: “Dear Narelle I want you to undetsrand the situation you > are in right now. Take a deep breath and think twice. Have you met anyone > in your real life (not online where everyone can pretend to be anyone) > asking the same thing? Besides you feel they are n” >

      • LaraC says:

        Dear Pavlina & Narelle

        If you re-read the communication log with your scammers on WhatsApp / Email / Skype, you now realise he/they did not ask anything about your self. Not about what you do for living, never about your falimies, never about what you like to do (hobbies etc), about your friends, nothing what matters to you but it is everything what THEY are interested in, which is precisely YOUR MONEY.

        If they asked you about what you do for living, then it is because they wanted to know how much you earn and you have in your saving so that they would know how far in extend they can get every single penny out of your bank account.

        During the communication with the scammers you must have felt how drama-queen he is. Everything in between you and him/they is about him-centric. It was nothing about you it was everything about ‘him’. And they make you think, well he is being like that only temporarily, he is like that because he is in trouble, he will come back to “normal” once the crisis is over. THAT is called scammer trick. Or more like a scammer SPELL for you. I felt like I was being under the spell during the scam was being taken a place. But now the spell is gone, the magic is over, Pavlina, you broke that spell and freed your self from the demon.

        But some people, like Narelle, seems she can’t get over it. I see her case similar to domestic violence victims. Women who married a violent husband they KNOW they HATE his abuse, but they can’t get away from him in the fear that no one else would love them if they leave their horrible men. Is this the case for you Narelle? You do not sound like a normal scam victim to me. Normal scam victims learn but you don’t. You keep asking about the men of the photos who are probably married with kids living happily somewhere else and have no to little idea that their photos were being used by African scammers to scam you. I think there is something ELSE in you going on in your life. And I think your scammers KNOW that, which is an extremely dangerous thing because now they hit a jackpot they are calling all of their criminal resources to jump on you. Not only your savings but your bank account is in danger. This is why you are getting letters from scammers after scammers. William then Todd. These two are the same scammer(s), Narelle. Now for them, you are a real easy target for deception. They won’t let you go easily. Like the blogger of this website replied you today, CHANGE your email address, CHANGE your phone number NOW. Do they know your home address too?

        And please come back to this thread and let us know after you changed your email and phone number, then we will give you a next advice.


      • LaraC says:

        Narrell, do you really believe this story (the story you just wrote)?

        You just wrote below today after all the advices given to you… I am in disbelif.

        dale todd says he is from michagen he has been left a large some of money of which he has asked the bank to put into my account and then he wants to relocate to australia the money is in bank account in the uk they have sent me form the bank manager said its all legall the bank is the credit union please advise dale todd anderson i will try to send you photo please advise

      • RomanceScams says:

        Narelle, what will it take for you to see these situations for what they are. Do you want to be arrested for cooperating in scammers’ schemes? That can happen!
        I want so badly for you to understand that the individuals you are in contact with are not individuals; they are members of small groups of scammers working together to scam as many victims as they can at one time. These groups are connected to International terrorism groups. Do not communicate any further with anyone like this. The names mean nothing. The photos mean nothing! The email addresses and phone numbers mean nothing! They will keep at you as long as they have even the smallest huope that you will cooperate with one of their scams, some of which can land you in jail. Don’t send any more of this information to be looked up; it is meaningless. Make a life for yourself with real friends, not make believe people who will laugh at you when you get in trouble. Please! Be safe, not sorry!

      • Narelle Christian says:

        I did not receive Todd’s money and no longer chatting with him

      • RomanceScams says:

        That’s the way to do it, Narelle. It’s time to take care of yourself.

  14. I want to report a man that claims to be a Colonel Harry John Delon in Afghanistan. He is a widow since 2012 when his wife died of cancer. I met him on P O F dating. I told him that I would pray for him. He then asked for my email address n if I was on hangouts, for my phone number. Asked me to marry him in about 2 seconds. Sent me pictures of him n his son also several others. He said that he wanted out of the N A T O Military. That he is to old for the dangerous job. He wants to come home to the USA. He was born in Charles Town,WV. That he lost his parents. Wanted me to help him get out of going to Syria as next assignment that only 30% make it out alive n his son doesn’t want him doing the dangerous job anymore. I have all the pictures still n the form that NATO Military Banking Account form to fill out ob my phone saved. The Major General Scott sent me from NATO headquarters. So that they could put Colonel Delon’s 2yr 6mo pay in my bank. At first i said no. Then they wanted USAA online banking in my name to transfer his pay to. I couldn’t get the banking part of usaa bank no military to use for account. So O broke down gave them my bank information it take them 4 days to accept it n told me not to use my account until they had transferred the money to it. I also have the Majors mailing address for a $2,000.00. bribe to approve my account information. He wanted a money gram sent to this address Marion Gail Blackwell; 258 Mill Creek Road; Bethune, SC 29009. First I had to capture the payment paper n send to the office To Major Scott. Also had to payout of the money transferred to the account they set up the Officer that was going to replace Colonel Delon. N send it to his family. Then Delon would be released from duty n get to come home to me. My bank closed the account. That was Tuesday the 2of May. John gave me his son’s email to write him to n I haven’t heard from him. Now I am getting messages that are telling my Good bye but I still love u. Thoughts were on May 8,2017. Haven’t heard anything since. If u want all of this information please let mw know. I did fall in love with him. He also claims to be a Christian n asks for prayer. I can send the emails fron nato military Afghanistan Syria base to u. John told them that i am his wife n had a family emergency that he had ro help take care of with my sister. My sister is in bad health she has cancer in her lung the size of a baseball.

  15. Pavlina Valavanidoy says:

    You were lucky to find out i find out after 9 months and after sending a lot of money
    I agree they are incredibly convincing


  16. Deeplysilly says:

    Dear Friends,
    Just right click on the profile pic or any pic the scammer sends you and it will lead you to the truth. Fortunately, I had the sense to do that before it was too late. But in my hurt and anger, I forwarded this link to him to stop his lies. That was the last message we shared. Never heard from him since then. They are so convincing!!!. Wish they were for real and true, they could have brought so much happiness to others.

  17. narelle christian says:

    please could I get some information on a william cross works on a oil rig he says he is coming over to meet me but can’t access his account or his cards. wants me to send money for air fare and swearshe will pay me back the place he said to send money to was.
    helle cochran USA Pennsylvania

    • RomanceScams says:

      The most important information about this is that it is, without question, a scam. He will not come to see you, will not use any money you send for airfare and will never, ever pay you back. Drop him like a hot potato; block all contact immediately.

      When you send money to a third party it is part of a money laundering scheme. What I most want people to understand is that there is no such person. Instead there is a group of scammers working together on each victim, scamming many simultaneously. There is no information to give you on William Cross because he is an illusion, a pretend person.

      Take care of yourself. Walk away without another word.

  18. could you please check on a william cross for me we have been chatting for a few weeks he seems genuine but I would like to check just to be sure he says he is planning a trip to Australia to see me.he has not asked for anything

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