‘It’s been hell’:
How fraudsters use handsome soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays.
December 15, 2018
I’m a journalist at Global News in Toronto, Canada.
I wanted to share an article we published about scammers who take photos of soldiers to create fake profiles.
By Josh K. Elliott National Online Journalist, International Global News


‘It’s been hell’: How fraudsters use handsome soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays

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  1. Eros Irace says:

    Am been scammed from american miltary who lived in Afghanistan, a women of a site named Manthey Alessandra, all falsh, the period is from February to October 2018, scammed before as romance scam and after as refund scam by another site also this falsh,have all proof of payment througt Moneygram, is possible to have information about to get refund of scam money?

    • Please visit the websites indicated below and carefully read all information provided.
      ————————BEGIN MESSAGE——————————–
      Here is the official site for Western Union money:
      Note it has a link to ask questions.
      And beware that I’ve seen fake letters supposedly regarding this Settlement Case, but really wanting money or info.
      Watch out and make sure they are real.
      No-one, will ever charge money for these “Settlement Claims Refund” it is a class action order .
      FTC has said, they will set up a page to address redress from MoneyGram, but “I don’t think they have yet.”
      This is all they have:
      S. B.
      ————————-END MESSAGE————————————-
      Please be aware, RomanceScams has no affiliation with the; RomanceScams only forwards information shared with RS; to share it forward with RS members who lost money via WU & MG during the years indicated in the settlement claim publication.

    • Please follow the instructions below as they are numbered. That is the process suggested to report 419 Advance Fee Financial Fraud, aka, romance scam.
      Write a Short Narrative Report for places you report the scam:
      Starting with the scam and working through to the last contact or any other party involved in the consequences of the scam, a narrative is a chronological list of facts, a list of events: On that date, this happened (who, when, what, why, where, how.)
      1. Start with the date you submit the narrative, your name, address, phone(s), how much you owe to the bank or store, and the name of the creditor/s.
      a. (or, attempt to ask for money – but you did not comply)
      2. Double space between events.
      a. If you send us one long paragraph, your narrative will be returned to you for correction.
      3. You can describe how you felt at the time of an event, and you can describe how the con artist made you feel, but do not write emotionally. Only the facts and events are useful.
      a. The facts tell us about the scammer and his effect on you.
      4. Do not lie or try to make the events work in your favor. If you lie or try to color the events, it will only work against you;
      a. we can’t determine a course of action if we are relying on inaccurate information.
      5. Don’t worry about actions you feel make you look stupid; the scammer’s objective is to get you to act without thinking and your actions tell us (law enforcement) what we need to know about the scammer.
      a. All scam victims have 20-20 hindsight.
      6. If you can’t remember the details of an event, write; I don’t remember or, to the best of my recollection to describe parts of an event. Fuzzy memories are okay;
      a. you may remember events more clearly later.
      7. Clarity: Do not use; he, she, they, we, them, or us (you can use I when speaking of yourself).
      a. Use the person’s name.
      i. It may seem repetitive to you, but to the agents reading your narrative it prevents confusion, reducing the risk of losing your audience to frustration.
      (We are not mind readers; a sentence like “he told us that they would send the money to them” creates confusion and will cause your narrative to be returned for clarification. Write “Jim told Mary and me that Union Sweepstakes would send the money to Willgood Insurance Company in London.”)
      8. Tell your story in your own words.
      a. Do not try to sound like an attorney or like anyone other than yourself.
      i. We do not care about typos or spelling.
      1. We don’t care about grammar or punctuation.
      We only care about the timeline of the events and the truth.
      If you are calling in a tip that you suspect someone of a violation, before you call, write down what you want to say, including valid reasons for your suspicions.
      If you are calling in with direct, personal knowledge and/or and experience, have your long narrative or short narrative and evidence package ready.

      ~ #2:
      First, and most important report is to your local police department.
      Please report the scammer\financial fraud, to your Local Police Department Cyber-Unit as a:
      Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Financial Fraud.
      [ Section 6 Advance Fee Fraud & Related Offenses Act,2006 | section 1 (3) ]
      Internet Crime: Impersonation\Theft by Deception\Fraud Under False Pretense and;
      419 AFFF: Electronic Fund Transfers – False Claims of Financial Distress.
      * *
      Also include; if the scammer is bullying you, harassing you, intimidating you, threatening you, blackmailing, extorting you.
      (Do not mention being in internet “romance Scam” relationship. Police will hesitate to accept your report because you gave your money “freely” to your online partner, aka, the scammer. – FBI ADVISE; Local Police Departments “hesitate” to take fraud victim’s report because victims gave their money freely to the scammer; when the romance scam victim reports the fraud as an online “Romance Scam.”)
      Request your police department to alert the website administration that they have a policy violator within the website or Instant Messaging App membership. And request an update on their action to alert the website or IM App administration personnel.
      You can also visit and work with them; they have valuable information also to report online 419 AFFF.

      ~ #3:
      Go to Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home-page []
      Below is the link to file with the FTC that is specific to Romance Scams
      (Please make sure to use snipping tool to capture a copy of the report because you will not have access once you finish completing the report and submit. Take a screen shot or copy each report page\form, as you complete entering all details per page.)
      Then select Scams & Rip-offs and under that, you will find Romance Scams which basically takes you to the first link.
      If you wired money or made a bank to bank transaction, please have all receipts ready to include in your report.
      This is for all 419 ADVANCE FEE FRAUD aka, romance scam, “no matter if you are not in USA”; please file your scam report.
      * * After completing the report, you will receive a letter acknowledging your report for your records. It may be delivered in the SPAM folder (depending on your email host server delivery service.)

      You can also use the IC3 letter with your local police report number to report in your next income annual tax report filing (USA citizens) and to aid reporting to your local police department.
      The IC3 is also DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that you are a victim of a scam.
      If you have not suffered a financial loss, please contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357or- FTC Complaint Assistant, or Visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)/Home Home-page []

      ~ #4:
      Bank Fraud:
      Please make a couple of CD or Flash drive copies [or print out a copy of all the information and make several copies to hand over when reporting] all the emails where the scammer instructs you to open an account for bank transactions deposit checks, money or withdraw from financial instruments via direct deposit by the online romance scammer to victim’s bank account.
      Those are very important for the bank fraud investigator to have.
      Always; when you hand over any of your information to the bank Fraud investigator at the bank please ask for a signed receipt that the bank received a copy in CD/flash drive or hardcopy format with the scammer information and requests to open a bank account for his use.
      This was recommended by a bank fraud investigator and helped save some victims a lot of heartache. Leave the rest for the bank to handle.

      ~ #5:
      File a Fraud Alert at three credit reporting Bureaus; (69 countries)
      Experian: Equifax: Trans Union:
      1-888-397-3742 1-800-685-1111 1-800-916-8800

      “Safe Links” below:
      You may place a security freeze on your credit report. This can stop a credit bureau from sharing information from your credit report without your prior written consent:
      Equifax security Freeze:
      Experian security freeze:
      TransUnion security freeze:
      Visit the website to report to facebook and other websites that have information and links to other resources for reporting scams.

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