‘It’s been hell’:
How fraudsters use handsome soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays.
December 15, 2018
I’m a journalist at Global News in Toronto, Canada.
I wanted to share an article we published about scammers who take photos of soldiers to create fake profiles.
By Josh K. Elliott National Online Journalist, International Global News


‘It’s been hell’: How fraudsters use handsome soldiers to prey on lonely hearts over the holidays


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  1. Eros Irace says:

    Am been scammed from american miltary who lived in Afghanistan, a women of a site named Manthey Alessandra, all falsh, the period is from February to October 2018, scammed before as romance scam and after as refund scam by another site also this falsh,have all proof of payment througt Moneygram, is possible to have information about to get refund of scam money?

    • Please visit the websites indicated below and carefully read all information provided.
      ————————BEGIN MESSAGE——————————–
      Here is the official site for Western Union money:
      Note it has a link to ask questions.
      And beware that I’ve seen fake letters supposedly regarding this Settlement Case, but really wanting money or info.
      Watch out and make sure they are real.
      No-one, will ever charge money for these “Settlement Claims Refund” it is a class action order .
      FTC has said, they will set up a page to address redress from MoneyGram, but “I don’t think they have yet.”
      This is all they have:
      S. B.
      ————————-END MESSAGE————————————-
      Please be aware, RomanceScams has no affiliation with the; RomanceScams only forwards information shared with RS; to share it forward with RS members who lost money via WU & MG during the years indicated in the settlement claim publication.

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