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The is here to help and support those who have found themselves or someone close involved in a romance/dating scam. It is but one of the tools we have created to help support you. Here are the various ways you can contact us for assistance.

The first thing learned in our Personal Healing Journey;                                                There are only 3 types people in this scamming world.
1. Those that have been scammed and are not aware of it.
2. Those that have been scammed and are aware of it.
3. Those that have not yet been scammed.

Our Social Media Websites: (Yahoo victim\members Forum) (RomanceScams.Blog) (Facebook Timeline Page)

Our Yahoo group: Website is located at; The forum is formed by 419 romance scam victims and family members of 419 romance scam victims who share information regarding their encounter and healing from a 419 romance scam financial fraud and emotional devastation. Chat: No chat response available at this time.

If you want to discuss your situation with a compeer, send a private email message to the owner at Someone will reply depending on the time zone local of the responding compeer.

If you would like to share your romance scam experience with current members, our forum contact policy is to remain on the forum due to not knowing who is a member; we have not met them personally. is formed by members from around the world, countries that have been targeted by 419 online romance scammers, using stolen photos to fool their targeted online victims.

Our has over 20,000 members. You are not alone. This crime has happened to many people. It happens to college/university graduates, as well as people who may not have completed high school academia. It happens to people of high income brackets, as well as middle class and low-income workers, Elderly and Disabled persons also. Entertainers, high profile individuals, politicians; no one is immune to online romance scams. There are no age barrier. People using the internet, social media websites, gaming rooms, closed groups, special interest groups, anybody using an “internet connected website”, can be a potential “targeted” online romance scam victim.

This group is open so that you may come visit and read messages, however, you have to join, be a registered member in order to send messages. Please read the “introductory” information before you join; especially the paragraph suggesting to change user name and/or creating a new identity to use before you join our online fellowship. Following is the link to the 

We are here to help. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. Generally people who have not been scammed believe this cannot happen to them. Believe me, it can happen to anyone who does not know how this type of scam works. We will help you learn these skills without judgment and/or criticism. 

Our Facebook Page:

Our Facebook Page: is found at:
Our RomanceScams Facebook page is focused on information, sharing current or recent News regarding 419 Nigerian Romance Scam News/Arrests of online 419 scammers.
RomanceScams Facebook Page shares educational articles that can be useful for our daily facebook visitors to learn to be safe while surfing the internet websites.
RomanceScams Facebook Page has the inbox private messenger option for victims who want to keep themselves anonymous to the http://www., but want to receive help, can post a private message. And also, there is the freedom to reply to people who post comments on the community board to each posting shared with our daily RomanceScams readers. There is no need to register as the RomanceScams Facebook is a Public Forum. We do have a post for daily visitors to be aware do of online scammers who post comments, or like the RomanceScams Facebook Page. Our moderators keep a close vigilance and we do keep filtering our RomanceScams Facebook Page community.


About RomanceScams.Blog

RomanceScams.Blog is a forum for 419 romance scam victims who suspect or encountered an online 419 romance scam (419 AFFF). Information * Reporting Resources * Education * Support * Healing * RomanceScams.Blog Associates | Forums | Contact (members forum) (RS Blog) (Facebook page) RS email: (Español)
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