Western Australia Woman Scammed and Murdered ….

From the Australian News:

A WEST Australian woman who went to South Africa to find love has been found dead in her rented villa in a suspected romance scam.

The body of Jette Jacobs, 67, of Wagin, was found in her rented Johannesburg villa by police on February 9.

Ms Jacobs had travelled from Wagin, about 200km south-east of Perth, on November 22 last year to visit a Nigerian man she was having a relationship with on the internet.

Her death is being investigated by local police.

According to WA Police, it is the first such WA death as a consequence of an online scam.

Ms Jacobs, a widow with six grandchildren, lost her husband in 2002 and her subsequent partner in 2009.

She then met a man purporting to be “Jesse Orowo Omokoh” from Nigeria on a dating website and they had regular contact over a four year period.

Ms Jacobs had sent at least $80,000 to Nigeria during this time and met the man known as Jesse during a visit to Johannesburg in 2010 without incident.

During her last visit, Ms Jacobs was to meet Jesse for a second time but he said he could not get a visa to join her immediately.

A letter from Project Sunbird was sent to Ms Jacobs warning that she may be a victim of fraud, but it arrived shortly after she had left Australia.

Project Sunbird is a joint operation between WA Police and Consumer Protection that tracks large amounts of money being sent from WA to West African countries and attempts to warn the senders that they could be victims of relationship fraud.

WA Police and Ms Jacobs’ son believe she may have died in suspicious circumstances, with her money, credit cards, jewellery, laptop computer and other personal items missing from the villa.

Detective Senior Constable Robert Martin from the Major Fraud Squad today said such scams had now revealed  “tragic consequences”.

“We were hoping with our operation we would be able to prevent this from occurring,” he said.

“Unfortunately with Ms Jacobs, she did receive a letter from our Operation Sunbird team, informing her of the dangers, however she had departed for South Africa prior to receiving the letter. Her friend had the letter sitting in the room when I went to visit, it was sitting on the table.”

Const Martin said detectives had found an extensive paper trail showing the relationship stemmed back four years, with a number of emails between the two, including one where Ms Jacobs tells Jesse she is raising money for him – the money was meant to go to sick children.

“I am try as you know to raise the money and by the way you are the only one who know this ok,” she wrote.

“I will never tell anybody what I am doing here foe (sic) you ok. That is betwin (sic) you and me ok.”

“Thank you my sweet woman. Yes I know,” Jesse replied.

Const Martin said the task force was now creating a database of scammers to see if Jesse had more WA victims.

Ms Jacobs’ son, who did not want to be named, said her friends and family had tried to talk her out of going to South Africa, but she could not be swayed.

“Mum went over for a couple of months and did not return,” he said.

“So as you can see, one consequence of the internet scammers has taken her life.”

He urged others who find love on the internet to be cautious.

“Don’t go, because at the end of the day, they are running a business or a scam or what they want to believe it is, to lure people to go to Africa, and no saying it’s a one way ticket, but there’s a possibility it’s a one way ticket and no return,” he said.

“If you do meet someone who is truly in love with you, money doesn’t buy it.”

To view the original article: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/wa-woman-murdered-in-south-africa/story-e6frg6n6-1226589763135



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2 Responses to Western Australia Woman Scammed and Murdered ….

  1. source says:

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article.
    Thanks for providing these details.

  2. Jack smith says:

    I joined Mate1 because I read that the site was “loaded with younger women seeking older men.” At first the site struck me as strange because most of the members were beautiful white women who claimed to have graduate degrees. Although I posted a brief profile and no picture, I was surprised that within 1.5 weeks I had 1050 inbox contacts, and 512 women who were “interested in me.” Then I got suspicious when I discovered that only 200 women claimed to have read my profile. That meant 312 women were interested in me without any data on me, 850 were writing me constantly without any data on me. Then some (about 110) of the “women” began to reveal their text numbers to me. I do not text so I wrote that into my profile. Then about 40 women sent me their email addresses. I emailed about 35 of them and about 20 responded. Everyone of the “women” who I talked to, claimed to be living in nigeria and refused to communicate except by texting. I realized that if they were Nigerian scammers (moslem african males) they knew I would recognize their african voices on the telephone. One or two of the women actually placed messages in their profile that they were “not part of the nigerian or ghanian thing.” Both nations make billions annually by scamming white American males and females. (First they participate in prolonged text romantic talk, then move to love talk and then begin asking for money.) During that period, I stumbled across a dating site, run the same way, by ghanian africans. Even on a supposed “Tea Party Command Site,” run by leftist republicans, there are african scammers, joining as “conservatives,” and then sending scam letters to Tea Party members. All of this tells me that: african scammers have opened up several new scam fronts by infiltration, they have harvested a large number of photos of beautiful young white females, probably from the internet, they are stupid and awkward now, but their investment is high and they will get smoother in the future. I am a former intelligence officer and I am familiar with the: wording of african (phony white) messages, a number of the indicators that african perps are at work and the large amount of money that the african scammers earn through fraudulent means annually over the internet.
    My problem is that I have a lot of written evidence that I have copied, including pictures, but I don’t know who I should tell this to on the internet. Can you handle such a huge scam project by reporting it, or can you refer me to someone who can do something about this.

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